What's the Plan?

Now that my wieght loss is becoming more noticable people are asking me how I am doing it. "What diet are you on" they keep saying...HCG? South Beach? Atkins? Jenny Craig? Wieght Watchers?...

I simply reply that I am not on a diet, I am just eating better and getting active. The responses I get are varied and often hilarious.

*(Incredulously) "and thats actually working???" - nope, I had just been wearing 14 extra layers of clothing all these years, theres your sign.

*(Impressed) "Good for you, You are doing it right" - no smart ass internal dialogue here, just thanks.

*(Scoffing) "you'd get much faster results if you did this diet. Yeah the first three days are hell but you get used to only eating 500 calories, bugs and saw dust." - Wow, I sort of think maybe you joined a cult instead of going on a diet.

*(Confused) "Where did hear about that diet?"- um, doctors have been saying this for years,

*(Defensive) "Well I work out sometimes, I just bought this new machine and I'm waiting for it to arrive." - thats great, is it an abdoer?

*(Deluded) "You should be more like me, I feel like I don't need to lose weight, I'm happy where I am" which is awesome, if you can see your toes...*whispers* she can't

So the plan...the plan is that I try to keep my calories under my BMR and do some sort of intentional exercise three times per week. I am active nearly everyday, as those of you with toddlers are aware, but I actually go to the gym three times a week and spend an hour there. My goal was to creat something sustainable. I worried over getting all gung-ho about working out every day and losing a bunch of wieght and then burning out halfway through. I needed this to be something that would fit into my life, not something temporary that couldn't go long term.

Nothing is off limits unless I decide that it will be, and if I don't stay under my BMR for a day it is not the end of the world, I don't have a time limit, I'm not in a race, I am accountable to me and thats enough. I get to eat delicous foods everyday that are the envy of most of the people in my office.

So far, I think this is a good plan.

I will be out of town this weekend, getting away for a day or two, so the blog will be kind of quiet, but thats cool I'll have farm storeis on monday and probably some exercise in the woods misadventure to relay.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

LMAO! Aren't people funny? I just love those comments. And you're right, a diet is just that, a DIET. A lifestyle change, however, will keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life! If you went to a doctor, I bet they wouldn't tell you to join Jenny Craig, they'd recommend counting calories, limiting certain foods and learning how to make better choices, which is exactly what you're doing! Its amazing how so many people go through various diets, take pills, etc when all you have to do is have common sense about it. eat well, exercise, drink water...ta-da!!
They see it's working so they tell you to do something different? no way! Keep it up, you're looking awesome!! :)

NellieMoellering said...
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NellieMoellering said...

Thank you so much, I have been getting so many bizarre comments about my plan that I just had to share. BTW the last one, about the feet? is the psychopath.

Ruth said...

Nellie, I love your plan! and your comment that 'this is not a race'..how many people do we see who diet, lose and regain (quickly)..how many times have I done that?..oh, many..(therefore, to blog, to remind myself)...and to you: keep blogging. I'm lovin it. great inspiration!

Randy said...

Nice going! I get weird responses when I tell people about my diet, too. What's the greatest though is when I whip out my camera and photograph my food before eating it. They immediately think I'm crazy.

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