New Plan

In other News, I feel as though I am in a rut, I have been 208 for a few weeks and so this week I have a plan to kick start my metabolism and get things moving again. Last week I had several days where I cam very close to going over my BMR calories, so this week I am cutting back alot and working out everyday. 1500 calories a day and at least 30 mins of exercise every day this week ought to kick start my wieght loss.

Also I am on the lookout for some new track pants. I have this great Eddie Izzard shirt that says "Cake or Death?" and I need some pants to wear with it. It seemed fitting for a workout shirt, so as soon as I find some pants I'll get a photo with the shirt and post it.


SkittishKat said...

This recipe sounds delicious! Since I don't weigh my food, I was wondering how much a "serving" is in cups. Another thing that you might want to try to keep up the weight loss is tracking the amount of protein that you eat. You're supposed to eat something like 30% of your calories in protein. (I don't remember the formula off-hand, but I could get it for you if you like.) One thing I learned is that I don't eat nearly enough and protein gives you energy and helps you lose weight. Good Luck with your plan.


NellieMoellering said...

I do pay close attention to my protien and my carbs, usually I get enough protien and way less carbs than I need, So I've upped the good carbs and it seems to be working out.

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