Wild Weekend

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you sit down on Sunday after dinner and think, damn, wasn't it just Friday morning???

We held Hannah's birthday party at a park this Sunday It was a midday lunch barbecue thing. We had a great turnout however the Missouri river and public restrooms combined to create an odd scent wafting through the party every five minutes or so, ick!

I probably consumed 800 calories in soda alone, I however, justified this by the amount I must have burned from just sweating, jumping green jesu it was hot!!!. Additionally it was really too hot to eat, i had half a brat, half a piece of cake, and some broccoli salad. I think next year we may have a pool party, 5 is a good age for a pool party, right?

On the diet front I have not yet weighed myself today, although i should, because I am slightly concerned that in spite of my excellent deficit on Friday and Saturday the sodium and sugar will have caused me to retain water. I want to see a big number change the next time I weigh myself, so I think I am going to flood my system with water, take an aqua ban and get my butt moving for three days and weigh in on Thursday.

Today, however, my workout will be lackluster at best, I feel like I am sleepwalking. Maybe I'll sleep instead of eating dinner... think that will work?


Ruth said...

ah yes, the scale..just noticed your bike amount. very cool! so much saved.

SkittishKat said...

I have those weekends all the time! =) Hopefully you had fun though. If you fit in some exercise, I have found that helps with bringing the weight down. A few weekends ago, I had 2 barbeques to go to and very little healthy food to choose from so I thought for sure that I would've either gained or stayed the same but I actually lost 3 lbs. and I think it was because I exercised. Also, have you considered water instead of pop? I find that it really helps in cutting out the calories.


NellieMoellering said...

Ruth - The influx is a product of doing the laundry, I always have a windfall when washing, its like I'm getting paid to do my chores, lol!!

SK - Yeah, I know that soda had lots of cals, but it was so hot and the soda was cold and available, I was weak...so very weak...

Randy said...

Birthday parties, potlucks, barbecues, holidays, etc. All of these can be pitfalls in the worst way. Everyone has delicious food all out in the open and they even peer pressure us into eating large quantities of it! You did well to have half-portions of the high-cal foods. The liquid calories, of course, are the huge smoking gun here. They weren't even FUN calories!

Sometimes I bring my own water bottle and Propel packets with me or reach for the diet sodas. As if there weren't enough obstacles to happiness in the world already, there's also a huge school of thought out there about how women shouldn't drink any soda at all because of it's calcium-leaching effects on the bones, leading to osteoporosis, but I'm not sure how much it takes to be dangerous. Personally, if I'm going to ingest calories from a drink, I want it to be really worthwhile so there better be some alcohol in it! ;)

Did Hannah have a good time?
Happy Monday!

Aimee said...

The smell didn't really bother me since it was vaguely reminiscent of Girl Scout camp. I'm a weirdo. A pool party sounds like fun, though.

I second Randy's idea about drinking diet soda instead. I try not to drink a lot of it for various reasons, but sometimes I just have to have a soda and at least I'm not drinking a bunch of empty calories.

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