"Change" My World

So with my workout on sunday and eating like a rabbit for two days I am now down to 208! I packed a great lunch and snack today and have been on the move all day, plus its like living on the surface of the sun outside so I know I am burning some serious calories everytime I do anything outdoors (which is happening much more than I would like today). Since I am now really dedicated to working off these pounds, I am starting a new mission.

Operation: "Change" my World!
I only use cash to make everyday purchases and so I amass a large amount of coins. I am going to save these coins and cash them in at the end of October to purchase another bycicle. I am going to use the new one at home and bring my current cycle to work to use to ride around campus, which is really big. Plus I can do laps for cardio!

My husband is turning 29 today so I am making him a new dish. He loves salmon so I am going to make some whole wheat pasta with fresh veg and tossed with garlic infused evoo, and serve it with grilled salmon with a lemon cream sauce. I think it will be amazing, we shall see, if it works out I will post the recipe.

My next incentive: 200 pounds
5 001


SkittishKat said...

Congratulations on your progress so far! I really like your idea for incentives. Any suggestions on what makes a good incentive?


NellieMoellering said...

SkittishKat- When setting my incentives I thought about things that were not unattainable but also that would be exciting enough to give me inspiration. I also change my incentives when I get a new idea. I got my family involved on a few of the things that would be unreachable for me and my final goal incentive, new wedding rings is something the hubs and i are owrking on together.

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