Munches and the Munchies

The Munches
b&w girls
I have spoken before about my Munches, my daughters, Hannah and Reagan. The Munches is a shortened form of munchkins, and it suits them. SO I figured i would share a bit about them and how they inspire, irritate, overwhelm and complete me as a person. (Warning, vast amounts of sappy-ness is forthcoming, be cautious you might slip and fall in the gooey love talk)

My Hannah.
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Hannah is 4, she was my first baby. I spent two weeks not sleeping after she was born because I was sure she was going to stop breathing. She is crafty and sweet and has a "mommy's sad" radar and know to come give me hugs whenever I am feeling down. She also tells me how pretty I am which at least for the ten minutes following the statement makes her my favorite. When she was younger she had the most amazing way of pronouncing words that really defies spelling, some of my favorites were: Croc-e-di-dile (crocodile), puangin (penguin), and gerff (giraffe). She enjoys the wind and will ask me to roll down the windows anytime we are in the car, then she giggles like mad for the whole trip. She loves to make me laugh and when she succeeds she talks about it for hours, even calls the hubs to let him know, "I make mommy laugh"

My Reagan.
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Reagan is 2, she is also probably the smartest 2 year old I have ever known. She is conversational, and can tell me the plot and story lines of her favorite kid shows. It's kind of amazing. Reagan is loud, and from the minute her head popped out of "the oven" she was a snorter, she snorts when she laughs, when she's upset, when she sleeps... She is like a little imp, and when she gets in trouble she comes over a drops a kiss on whatever body part is closest to her and says, " I wub you mommy" sometimes it saves her, sometimes. She's always on the go but when she wants some love she will hold up her hands and say "Kun ear mommy, kun ear" (come here mommy, come here.)
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The Munchies
Let me start off by saying that in another life I must have been a sponge, I retain enough water to fill a swimming pool anytime salt even happens to be in the same room as me. Adding to this moisture problem is the fact that nothing satisfies my munchies like salty, crispy, snacks; pretzels, corn chips, funyuns, nuts, seeds...*drool*
A somewhat odd side effect of this tendency toward water retention is the fact that when I drink I don't get hangovers, I don't dehydrate. I gotta say, this is pretty cool, I like not having hangovers, I have seen what they do to others, and its not pretty.
I need to find a way to combat the 9 pm munchies, and fast, it's starting to make me crazy...okay crazier. I believe it started when i was preggo, because that was when the sickness would hit and I would have a snack to calm my stomach, then while nursing 9 pm was a common feeding time and I would have a snack too, the habit is just too ingrained. I gotta work this out, I think it might be sabotaging my big scale numbers, i was losing 2 pounds a week and that has started slowing down, need to get re-committed and keep the freaking Doritos out of the house.


Randy said...


Cute little kids! I was browsing the Diet Naked blog and saw you on her Blogroll. My interest was piqued when I noticed your interest in cooking, which is one of my favorite pasttimes. My wife tells me that I tinker in the kitchen like most other men would tinker in the garage, and I really can't deny it! Of course, your diet was also a common point of interest, since I had resolved in January to lose about 40 pounds as my New Year's Resolution using a diet technique that should, at first glance, miserably fail. It somehow hasn't and I've actually lost about 75% of the weight so far, although it has sort of slowed down lately and I'm on a renewed push to get it going again. I have a little girl, Elsa, who is 9 years old who eats hardly anything except chicken fingers and ketchup and a little toddler, Liam, who loves his "nunus" (noodles) to the deprecation of most everything else. As for me, I like just about everything (except mayonnaise). My kitchen adventures have included making salsa like you have (I actually made a how-to video), and cooking with cast iron cookware, which I recently rediscovered as an amazing invention. I *love* food a little bit too much sometimes, and I try to find new and exciting ways to incorporate heavy cream, bacon, and butter into most of the things I make-- no wonder I've been having trouble losing weight lately, so don't feel alone if you've been having some trouble! If Doritos are your kryptonite, then Girl Scout cookies would be mine. Thank goodness they're only seasonal. Hope you find some time to check out my blog. Yours is very nice!
Have a nice weekend!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE and what better reason to a healthy weight!

Hmmm I don't have a lot of trouble with the evening munchies so I can't help you there. I tend to eat a late (ish) dinner anywhere from 6:30-8pm and a snack at 9 just isn't even on my mind. So you could try eating a little later? I do find that if I eat early (5pm ish) then I am STARVING by 10PM and have to have a snack. But I'm a sweets girl and go for a cup of tea and my favourite pointish friendlyish cookie or an apple or yogurt.

NellieMoellering said...

Randy - nice to meat you, I hate mayo too! Thanks for following me, i hope you get some enjoyment out of a recipe or two! I followed your blog as well, Yay for new acquaintances!!!

Dani- thank you, my girls are my world. We started eating apples after 7 pm this week, hopefully that stays intact when the fall hits, but i love pumpkin pie...

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