Bikey Death and Anniversaries

Last saturday, being the one year anniversary of a not so awesome event in my life (getting fired from a job), I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate where I was then and how far I have come now. I'll admit, I drank the whole bottle and, in spite of the caloric blow it delivered, it was lovely. What started the night off was the fact that I was carded at the grocery store, something that almost never happens. I almost kissed the cashier!!! Then I bought this great shirt from the junior section of Walmart, and it fit, with room to spare!!! Then I went home and the hubs took care of my munches so I could read a trashy novel and drink my bottle of wine, heavenly...
1 004

I am purchasing a bike, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, and my new change count is 27.00 even, which is kind of hard to believe. I found a picture of the bike and wanted to share it. The online price says 99.00 which is a full 20 less than the price in the store, if it's temporarily on sale I may have to just go ahead and buy it. But if its on sale that means I only have to come up with 72.00 plus tax instead of the full 99.00, nothing to thumb your nose at. I decided to purchase this bike because I need something with coasting brakes. I live in a very hilly nieghborhood which is good for my thighs, but equates to death if my old hand brakes fail on my vintage Cruiser. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, I really want to be as cool as Ms. Bitch Cakes.
Bike from Walmart

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