Invariably as one begins to lose weight there are comments made by those around you. Personally I can't really wait and have to tell my closest everyday folks each time a new pound comes off. But, there are some people who I don't feel the need to gush at. When these people mention that they can tell I've lost weight my typical reaction is one of ecstasy! It's SOOOOOOOO cool when others can finally see what you are doing!!!

However when someone you see only rarely, and whom you do not really know at all mentions that you have lost weight how would you respond? I ask because this occur ed last weekend. The step mother of my cousins husband (roommates, third cousins, florists, great uncle...lol) Anyway she says to me, "Wow, Nellie you have really lost some weight! look how skinny you are!"

Okay so there are a few issues with this;
1. I am NOT skinny, 208 does not constitute skinny in any part of the world.
2. How fat was I before that this woman who has not seen me in a YEAR AND A HALF feels the need to comment on it.

So instead of feeling giddy, I got all down on myself for the fatty I once was and completly let the fact that she had probably heard from my cousin that I was dieting and was trying to be supportive, slip past. I can't really figure how we can want compliments so badly yet second guess them when they happen along.

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SkittishKat said...

Don't feel bad; sometimes it can be hard to accept a compliment. Just be proud of the weight that you have lost and the fact that people are starting to notice. Keep up the hard work! =)


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