Typical Foods on a Workout day

On days when I am planning on hitting the gym I usually plan my foods rather carefully. I want to maintain a good deficit without starving my body post workout. I usually start with my daily diet latte, and then I add some fruit and cottage cheese, which brings my breakfast up to about 400 cals. Then I have a big salad and a protien bar for lunch, this tends to be around 500 cals, 200 for the bar and 300 for the salad (I don't like diet dressing so I go for less of the real thing and enjoy it more, my new favorite is a sweet vinegar and olive oil mix that will take the bitter out of fresh spinach its a gift from god, and only 70 cals for 2 tbsp.)

My Workout Day Salad Today
1 144
1 Cup romaine
1 cup spinach
2/3 cup cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup feta cheese
2 tbsp dressing
I grab a handful of nuts or seeds right before the workout and try to drink at least 24 ounces of water during the course of the workout. I do an hour of activity and then on my way home I have some more fruit, frozen grapes are great at cooling me off and they make the ride home lots of fun.

For dinners on workout nights I usually cook something fresh, since I have all that energy after working out... no really, I do. I usually tackle some huge chore after working out to take advantage of the energy boost, which usually makes my deficit even higher :P I try to add lots of protien in with some good carbs, like chicken and brown rice, or whole wheat pasta.

On workout days my deficit which is usually right around 600 goes up between 1000-1200. I don't do this intentionally but I refuse to eat when I'm not hungry, and I think it has been working so far.

Me Post Workout, goofing off in my kitchen
1 076


Angie All The Way said...

Your meal plan sounds very wise and healthy which is very important. It sounds like you're giving your body everything it needs to do well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nellie, I read thru some of your blog since you said I should. I'm really impressed with how dedicated you've been and I think you have an awesome plan w/ the incentives and the good cooking... good luck, and keep it up!!


Michele said...

your posts are awesome. it really is difficult to lose weight, what with all the temptations around us. i was struggling with losing around 30 lbs., at 145 lbs. i found a new great and healthy way to do it.

but hey, your site and your posts are really interesting. easy and jolly reading.

id keep coming back for more.

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i discovered them just recently and they actually make sense. :)

anyway, thank you for making my day a bit brighter. ill keep on reading!

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