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I have to confess that the last week has not been a proud one for me with regard to eating. While I have been cooking the most amazing foods, I have also been drinking a little and snacking more than usual. It was a decision I made, I don't blame it on anyone but me.

Today, however is a new day, a better day and a Delicious day. I created a meal last night that is inspiring in its flavor and calories content. I made Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, covered with crimini mushroom gravy...

Yes, I used a package of brown gravy, but only because it was late and the Munches were hungry. I also added extra water and some light sour cream to increase the flavor, holy crap *drool* . I worked it out and the gravy was less than 50 calories for a half cup, amazing!

The recipe for the turkey can be found here, however I have had a new thought about making it in the future and think that it will benefit from some eggplant so I will make it again next week and post the picture and new recipe then.

The littlest Munch loved it and ate a whole plate, however the older one refused to eat and went to bed hungry. She kept asking for cereal or peanut butter but she needs veggies!!! So I offered her the choice of apples, grapes or dinner and she refused them all. I hope that the experts are right and if she is hungry she will eat what is provided. It concerns me.

Oh well, with fall coming and cooler weather on the way I am excited about the idea of being able to cook delicious stews and soups and chili, how I love chili, and with my new healthy flair it ought to be exciting! That black bean soup i mentioned earlier is still in the works, I am trying some things out to make sure its amazing before I post it. Also on the horizon is a chicken and dumpling recipe that has only 500 calories per serving, and the serving is a giant bowl!!!


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

wow, that sounds delish!! You read my mind because I was making a shopping list today and had chili, chicken and dumplings and meatloaf on the list! God, I love fall!!
You're right about your stinker. If she's hungry, she will eat, eventually!
Hey, can you post or send me your chili recipe? I've been craving it lately! mmmmmm....Thanks!! :)

NellieMoellering said...

Yes, i will both post it, and give you the recipe, but it is so simple, you won't need the recipe the second time you make it.

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