Just Plain Tired!

It's been a long couple of days, and I'll admit, my adherence to my eating plan has not been the greatest. I am feeling bloated from salt and just plain tired from running around. So instead of my typical wit and tedious long-windedness, I'll share some photos of things that have happened recently and a few recipes I worked out.

First the food.
Click here for French Toast
5 013

Click here for Curried Chicken and Squash
5 018
Typically I serve it it over rice, but pasta works too.

Next: The fun!
I had the hubs take a better photo of me on my bicycle today, it's better, cause, you know, it's not dark.
5 005

Hubs and I went out for my cousin's 21st birthday. I cropped him out because he did not like the photo of himself, but I thought he looked pretty cute.
5 015-1

More to follow on a day when my brain hurts less. Including some pictures of me in my next round of goal clothing. Size 14 here I come!!!

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