Not Even That Good

An ode to former eating habits and present triumphs.

I have to admit that I was a fast food junkie, at least 5 times a week found me in the drive through with some grease filled paper wrapped nonsense being shoved at me through the neon-lit hole in the wall (and lets not even mention that fact that I knew the day shift at Jack In The Box by name...wow that's the first time I admitted that out loud.) However now that almost three months have passed I have come to a few realizations about fast food.

1. I don't even really like it that much, with the exception of fries I could never eat another fast food item and be just fine.

2. It makes me feel awful. Added to the shame of chowing down on crap I also get stomach aches, headaches, indigestion, and other 'unmentionable' tummy issues ( you know what I am talking about)

3. It is made with some form of behavior altering chemical...okay maybe not, but when i have to eat it because there are no other options, I always find myself craving it again...its like those damn potato chips... a damn vicious fat filled cycle.

4. My children have gotten way to used to fast food, my oldest asks to get burgers and chicken nuggets. I believe we are going to have to do some intense diet altering on my daughters in the near future.

On the flip side the new way of eating I have adopted (which is not nearly as ambitious as some, for instance I don't want to give up sugar so I will not do it) has created some new habits and must haves the bear mentioning.

1. I must have garlic and onions in my house at all times. They are like water and air to my dieting self, I need the intense and great flavors they produce.

2. A good knife makes me happier than a milk shake. I love to cook and being able to do it easily with flair makes me giddy.

3. Slim fast is a good thing. I will never be on the "slim fast diet" but I have one nearly every day for breakfast (because I cannot physically force myself to eat solid food before 10 am) in lieu of something less healthy.

4. Butter is still Okay!!! I measure my servings and use it for cooking, it adds flavor and depth without extra chemical stuff, and makes the small Texan inside of me happy.

5. Frozen grapes are a gift from god!

Last night when Hungry rolled over and nudged me with a suggestive eye raised and said, "how bout a burger, hot stuff?" I shot him down and had some tomatoes with balsamic glaze and sprinkles of feta cheese. Most delicous and only 150 calories!!!

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Erin said...

I completely agree about frozen grapes. I love super-sugary foods, but frozen grapes are amazing at (somewhat) curbing my sweets cravings. I agree about butter, too. There is no acceptable substitute, and I'm okay with that!

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