Does it count as off track if you are doing it intentionally, with a definite end in sight?

I went out of town this weekend and ate horribly, but as I said, it was intentional. I decided I have been diligent since May 17th and I deserved a weekend away from it. Well I came home and tracked And I still didn't go over by much, I guess my stomache has shrunk. But what I did eat was mostly delicious garbage.

Mother Nature has paid me a visit, so I'm up about three pounds, most of which Im sure is water weight, but I have been working out, even though it 102 degrees outside. I'm bloated and bitchy but still giggling thanks to the newest FHP (feminine hygiene product) commercials. I totally visualize my cycle as that annoying woman in the suit holding the little gift box. And anytime I need a chuckle I remember that commercial making fun of all the other FHP commercials, "Sometimes I just feel the need to spin in a circle..." hehehehehehehe.

Ahem, I went to a family reunion type thing with my mothers side of the family and we had a blast, mostly because there was pie. Oh sweet heavens there was pie, it was pear pie made with port and spices and the crust had BUTTER in it with Gruyere cheese...great, now I'm drooling. I seriously ate half a pie, and I don't even feel that bad about it.

I found that while stuffing copious quantities of junk, goldfish crackers, pie, bratwurst, eggs, pie, bacon, hasbrowns, pie, biscuits, gravy, did I mention pie? I felt awful, I felt like my energy level bottomed out and my whole body went into sloth mode.

Lesson of the day: Good food makes me feel good. simple math, even I should be able to manage this.

In Related news, my older Munch turned four yesterday, Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!
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Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

ugh, I know exactly how you feel! I didn't think it was possible to gain 4 pounds in a single weekend...but it is!! We came home and ordered chinese because we were too tired to do anything else. Of course, the sodium just added to the bloat and nastiness. Yoga, anyone?
Happy b-day to hannah banana! I'll have to get her present to her sometime this week!! Gorgeous cake!!

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