Retitled: Reasons I love my diet today

While I try to re-start my weight loss I find that my energy is at an all time low. Yesterday post workout I went grocery shopping with the munches and then sat on my ass all evening because I just feel awful. My lack of motivation to clean my house cause some friction between hubs and me, so today I am tired and depressed. My negative sense of well being cause me to stop by the IGA bakery on the way to work today and purchase a blueberry scone, and then wolf it down in the car before I got to work.

The plan is to work out for an hour today, doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 of weights and stretching. I always feel better after wards, so maybe I'll bust the funk.

I am going to be making the eggplant, turkey meatloaf tonight for dinner, along with some homemade mashed potatoes, which should be pretty yummy. I'll post the pictures and recipe tomorrow. I also thought I would make a commitment to post a recipe each friday and give you a preview so you can know what coming.

This Friday: Texas style chili
Next Friday: Creamy black bean and bacon soup.

This afternoon I felt the need to re-post because my workout did indeed bust the funk and made me think how blessed I am.
I took my munches down to the historic main street in our town and we got cones from the ice cream shop and ate them in the shade, it was such a wonderful afternoon. Then we wandered down through the park that banks the river and the girls chased the ducks. I feel so much better and wanted to share some photos of me and the munches today.
NBA2 003
NBA2 002
NBA2 001
I love my diet because I don't feel guilty at all for sharing this treat and time with my babies, I love my diet because it lets me be a fun mommy.


SkittishKat said...

The "retitled" makes me wonder what the original title was. =) I'm glad that you were able to push through things and feel better afterwards. Motivation is a tricky thing. Know that you're not alone and we're sending you good vibes.


NellieMoellering said...

The orginal title was directionless mumbling, because the post was really uninspired. Thanks for the good vibes. Read todays post, you'll see that your good vibes paid off!

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