Anyone else feel a Queen song coming on?

Yesterday while perusing the local Craigslist postings I found something I never thought I would find. A vintage style cruiser with three speeds. It's green and needs some TLC but it's ride-able and for 25 dollars it became mine. I have been wanting a bicycle for months now, and after reading about successes of others with getting healthy by cycling I wanted to give it a go. DSCF2002[1]

I took a ride around my neighborhood, which is like those stories your grandparents tell you..."uphill, both ways"...except there was no snow, it was 103 degrees. I rode for about a half hour and then went home to recover from the stroke, :0)

I have set a new goal for myself and it is to be in shape enough to ride my bicycle to work by next spring. My best friend is employed by some tree huggers so I sometimes get these urges to do something planet wise, and it turns out that this is both planet and body wise, so we'll give it a go.

Now I need to find some good websites to get advice for working on bikes, this one has some rust, needs oiling, the seat is too high, and I want to paint the wheel guards white and get a new white seat for it. I am going to make some tassels for the handle bars with shamrocks and green ribbons that I just happen to have lying around. I am also going to get a basket and a rack for the rear of the bike so I can carry things. This makes me anxious for the years ahead when my munches will be able to ride with me, I can only imagine how much fun we will have.

Me, post ride, still red faced


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Anonymous said...

When Andy was in college, someone left an old bike at their fraternity house. They spray painted it gold, put it on the roof, and called it the Gold Bike of Justice. Just an idea (sans the roof part) for how to redecorate your new bike.

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