Faith: A Conversation with a 4 Year Old.

Hannah: Mommy, I love our house!
Me: That's good sweetie
Hannah: Jesus built this house for us!
Me: Yes, love, Jesus gives us so many things.
Hannah: Jesus built us this house out of bricks so the big bad wolf can't come in, but the tooth fairy can come in, she's my friend.
Me: Yes, Dear, Jesus built us this house

My little girls are starting understand faith, in the way children do. The world of a child can be magical, because they believe in so many things, faith in God comes so much easier to them than to adults. I believe this is because they don't have to get their brains out of the way, it is easy to see God's love everyday because they've never had science class and don't know who Darwin is. Perhaps this is one of the reasons people who grow up with positive loving relationships with God find it easier to have faith as adults.

Fragmented Whatnot

-In other news, I am at 175 today, ick. I am jogging this evening, and hopefully my foot will cooperate, I haven't had much trouble with it, just a little soreness after my walks. I am doing a 5K on the 4th of July and I need to get in the groove this week to be prepared.

-My hormonal issues combined with blood loss have taken a toll on my energy level, I feel like I could sleep for three days. Nothing feels normal in my body these days, but I am dealing with the docs and following up as I should because I need to get back to good. I think now that my foot has mostly healed and I can get back into the swing of working out perhaps my energy might amp up a bit. I hope so, cause this sucks.

-My 10 year high school reunion is in a month and a few days, I'd like to be down to 170 for that party, looking good will just make the night that much more fun. Thanks to face-book I still have contact with lots of folks from high school and it'll be nice to see them all again. While not a "popular kid" in school I was on the yearbook and newspaper staff and I loved every minute of high school. Well, every minute except for when I left an "I really like you" note on the desk of a guy I wanted to marry. I didn't sign it and he read it and threw it in the trash, I was crushed, I was 15, but I was crushed. Ah, memories.


Laura Belle said...

I'm jogging tonight!! Yeah!!

And i'm thinking about running my first 5K on the 9th of July. Holy Mary mother of pearl. Cripes.

We can do it!!!

safire said...

10 year HS reunion is a great motivator :)

Good luck with everything! I think the conversation you had with your 4 y/o is so precious!

Ana said...

Keep at it dear Ninja! 4th of July 5k...one of these days I will participate in something like that. I'm getting there :)

Have a great summer!

WannabeRunner said...

Aww, super cute about your daughter. :)

Good luck on your job tonight!

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