Aw Shucks

So my good buddy Ana, you can see her awesome blog and cute young-uns here, gave me a blog award. She is such a sweetie and always has supportive, kind things to say. I feel like we are a lot alike and if we lived in the same state we might hang out all the time and let our children run circles around us while we sat with our feet up wishing we could be eating chocolate bon-bons (love that image)

The Rules:
1. Thank the Person who nomiated you (thanks, doll!)
2. Tell us ten things about yourself
3. Nomiate some other awesome folks for the award.
4. Contact your fellow Adorable people and let them know that you've nominated them.

Ten Things:
1. I don't like nail polish. I can't wear it for longer than a day before I start to feel like my fingers can't breathe. I have very strong, very nice nails which, if properly manicured, would be the envy of many, but I chop them off and only pay attention to them if they break. 
2. I love the smell of freshly bleached sheets. I only have white sheets, because I like to be sure they smell clean like bleach when I put them on my bed. My pillows are the same way, I am in heaven when I climb into bed with my clean, cool, bleached sheets. It's like being on vacation for me.
3. I have never enjoyed making out. I get really freaked out when my face is too close to someone else's face. I can't concentrate on how much fun it might be to be kissing someone because this panic rises up in my body and I feel like I can't breathe.
4. If tortilla chips had no calories I would be the thinnest person on the planet. If there was a way to get the salty, grainy crunch of a tortilla chip in a no calorie variety I would give up chocolate and beer. for serious.
5. I still hate sweating. I figured after losing weight and feeling awesome, sweating would become more tolerable. But it seems that even though I have lost 60 pounds of insulating fat, I am still heat intolerant. I am also pretty intolerant to cold now, which makes living in Missouri hard because we have SUMMER, fall, WINTER and spring. Fall and Spring last about a week and sometimes you miss it because you are working or since the seasons changed so quickly your body is going through raging allergy induced PTSD.
6. I want very much to be a full time writer and crafter, but lack the discipline to do what needs to be done to make it happen. I have so many great ideas and yet I watch Julie and Julia on Tivo instead of getting things done. 
7. I work very hard to teach myself how to make and do things, and as soon as I feel like I've got it down, I stop doing it, unless I want to make something for a gift. It's like I'm collecting hobbies. The only one I do just to do it is crochet, and it has given me CTS, go figure. (I found a T-shirt that says, "I don't have hobbies, I'm developing a robust post-apocalyptic skill set." I want that shirt)
8. There are times when I will eat sour patch kids until my tongue actually hurts and is raw from the abrasion and sour sugar. It hurts so good.
9. Music has more pull on my emotional state than I believe is normal. I can be both taken to excitement and drawn into depression by music. Even more than smell, music can transport me to places and times in my history and bring back memories that I would have a hard time accessing on my own.
10. I would sit and eat peanut butter off of a spoon until I get sick. In fact I avoid PB&J sandwiches because I am afraid that I will go crazy and eat 4 a day until I get back to 250 pounds. *shudder* I have to be super restrictive with peanut butter in any of it's forms. I buy packets to limit my servings and I buy single serving Reece's cups because they are less of a temptation one at a time. )I know many people will buy 100 calorie packs and eat 7 of them, but I've never had that issue and single servings are an effective portion control device for me.) 

And the Nominees are:
Dr Fat to Fit
-I love each of these blogs, they are fantastic and inspiring ladies.


Ana said...

Aw! I so wish we lived closer too! I can imagine the Munches and Tom and Huck together. That would be amazing, wonderful little kid chaos! Sounds like paradise to me :)

Julie said...

Thank you. That is so sweet of you. I love the "things about me". I could eat PB by the spoon fulls too and peanut butter cups, heck I'd just eat the whole bag so for me it's easier, if I'm going to induldge, to buy the two pack, give one to Mike and eat the other that way no more around here.
Take care and again thanks so much. Blessings my friend.

Jacqui said...

congrats and thanks so much for the award! I'll have to start getting my brain working again now! LOL

ok.. the peanut butter thing.. I hear ya! I mourned the day my little monkey was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Seriously. It sounds selfish now, but it was one of my favorite foods.

Kelly said...

Yesss...awards. Love me some awards.

Ok, just now getting around to commenting to people--saw the comment about me perhaps doing the mud run with you next year-that would be awesome!! I love getting dirty!

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