Hi, my name is Grace

While climbing out of my car today I stepped into a grassy area next to the parking lot and right into a big hole. I didn't know the hole was there so I fell, twisted my ankle and have ended up with a sprained ankle and foot. Since I was at work I spent the morning at the workman's comp doctor and came home with a compression sleeve on my foot to help with the swelling. The Nurse practitioner said to expect some bruising and swelling and lots of pain. I have some PT exercises to do each day and I am borrowing Mutti's cane to help me get around for the next few days.

I feel so stupid for having done this to myself, but the doc said to keep off my foot as much as possible to let it heal, so no gym for me for at least a week. (sad face)

So. Post lots of interesting things cause I'll need reading material for the next few days while rotting on the couch. You don't realize how much you move until you can't do it anymore. shesh.


Amanda said...

Poor thing. Really rest as much as you can so you don't have any lingering issues!

Julie said...

Oh my dear, I am so sorry. I hope you heal fast. I hope the family will wait on you hand and foot for the next few days to let you rest and heal.
Wants some reading material. You come to my diet blog, try my regular blog... www.umengine3.blogspot.com .... if you want too.
Now you'll have time to catch up on all your scrapbooking (if you do this) sewing (if you do that) watching the soaps (if you like them) or at least seeing programs you don't normally see. Unless you have to go to work but I'm expecting you to be off for a couple of days since you can walk to get there.
Heal fast, take care of yourself and I'll see what I can come up with that's really note worthy. :o)
Take care and rest easy. Blessings my friend.

Ana said...

Aw Nellie, I am so sorry you're hurting :( That is so not cool!! Rest up and let your body heal. I haven't sprained an ankle yet, but apparently my name means "Graceful"...and WiiFit always asks me if I fall down a lot :)...The answer to that one is yes and no. I'm normally holding onto a stroller!! LOL!

Amanda said...

Yeeouch! Feel better soon.

For solidarity's sake, take heart in the fact that just two days ago I rammed my head into a doorway I knew darned good and well was there. I'm used to ramming my shoulder, but my head?


Erin said...

Did you see I posted about you the other day?

Jacqui said...

Dislike this very much! :( Hope you heal quickly!

Losing It said...

You have the luck of the Irish when it comes to hurting yourself woman! lol

Hope your foot heals quickly.

Ronnie said...

Oh no, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I can't imagine how embarrassing that must have been to fall in public though. :(

(And this seems like a bad time to mention it, but I have an award for you on my blog!)

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