Good Morning

Today started out kinda sucky, with Jeeves and I having a little "everyone's just too damned grumpy and sleep deprived" tiff before I left for work. Then when I got in and started reviewing my emails I got one from the Big Boss, asking me to come to his office and discuss salary. I wasn't concerned because I knew that due to the new changes coming down with my job, that salary was going to be reviewed. However, I figured the conversation would be a short one, in which he said nothing was going to change, wrong.

I'm getting a raise.

A significant raise which will almost completely cover the difference in payroll deductions for the Munches medical insurance. Also I was told that in the next year, if the government approves it, we'll get a COLA increase and my caseload is one marked for expansion which means another bump in salary! What a blessing!


Ronnie said...

Congratulations, that's great. :)

Laura Belle said...

WooHoo! Doesn't more money in your pockets just make the day just a little bit like rainbows and unicorns?! OK, not a little bit, but a whole LOT!

Julie said...

YEAH!!! To the raise and YEAH!!! to insurance. YUCK!!! to to much drinking but YEAH!!! to a great weekend. BOO to the mishap with your BF who loves you none the less and will pick you up, wipe you off and keep going, that's what BF do. YEAH!!! to the jogging. You're doing excellent. Just totally awesome.
Sorry I haven't been by lately, summer busys you know.
Take care and God Bless!!

Amanda said...

That is awesome, re: the raise!! And health insurance is just... well, it's such a relief knowing they have it, yanno?

You and Jeeves will make up. Rumor has it I am occasionally snippy myself (and Choreboy is so not a morning person, LOL).

Amanda said...

Goodness I have mornings like that!!

Yay on the raise!! Little blessings!

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