Drills that made me sweat!

Last night in a heroic return to being a gym rat I attended the Monday night drills class. The problems were these:
1. The floor was SLIPPERY and we had to jump a bunch, which was really, really hard, people were slipping all over the floor.
2. It was 4 zillion degrees in the group workout room. Seriously 4 minutes in and my whole shirt was soaked. I'm not a big sweat-er. I usually get a few dark spots but for serious, my shirt was dripping, and it was miserable...but in a good way. I got home and ate some leftovers for dinner, then felt sick to my stomach all night long, it was a rough night. But I'm doing better today.

I'm back on track calorie wise, staying under 1500 most days and keeping up my fluid intakes. My weight is still sitting around 172, which is really fine for me. If I never lose another pound I'm actually okay with that, not that I'm going to stop working out and watching calories, just that I've reached the threshold of acceptance. There's nothing magical about the numbers that modern science gives us. I feel great, I am happy with my body and I'm not going to obsess about pounds anymore. I'm moving on.

My original plan for running is working out well, I can do 5K in about 40 minutes, and I'm building up to jogging the whole thing outdoors, which is really difficult, but I'm getting there. I am also doing a challenge for myself in conjunction with my plans to both run an event a month and a marathon in January of 2013. I am going to try to do a marathon a month. I am going run/jog/walk 26 miles every month. We'll see how it goes.

I'm bound for the gym again tonight to jog a bit and do some ab work, I'm feeling flabby,, so maybe some planks and crunches will help me feel a little more tightened and toned. It's amazing watching the changes in my body, I feel muscles where I never realized I'd have definition. People probably think I'm insane, I'll be sitting at my desk poking and prodding my arms because there is a new hardening of muscle when I flex a certain way, it's so foreign and yet so cool!


Ana said...

Isn't it so weird when you start feeling different muscles!? I love it!! Keep it up sweetie!

Amanda said...

I had been wondering where you were, and now two posts in as many days! Sounds like you're in an excellent place right now -- that is awesome :D

Juli's Journey said...

Way to go. Keep it up. I have to start working out again. It has been way too long.

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