Radio Silence......

This has got to be the longest I've gone without posting in awhile. Things got out of hand, I got stupid busy and then decided I would worry about this today, when the world slowed down a bit.

Sunday (yesterday) was my 7th wedding anniversary. Jeeves and I got married on 6-5-04. It's funny, we picked a date that was significant for many reasons. Jeeves mother passed away three years previously on 6-5-01, and when she passed her best friend (and my boss) became the pseudo-MIL. She is a lovely person, and has taken us all into her heart as though we were her own children. Had she not been divorced, her 25th wedding anniversary would have been the day we were married. Also it happened to be one of those funny dates (6-5-4) that people try to do now. I didn't realize that was a thing until a few years after we were married.

Jeeves and I renewed our vows to one another in a small ceremony with our close family. Our little girls were there (Booger was doing evil kenevil jumps off the alter, but she was there) and we got a chance to have our union blessed by the pastor of our church who we love and respect. It was very emotional, and it seemed to mean so much more this time around. Not just because of the where it was being done, but also because we knew what we were promising this time. The first vows we spoke were promises of people who didn't know what they were agreeing to. We didn't know how crazy, hard, wonderful and scary marriage can be. This time we were saying that we've seen it, we've done it, and we would do it all again. Words can be so powerful and my whole heart filled with love at the sight of my husband holding my hand, with our whole family watching again, and telling me he was going to love me forever, again. I also was struck by how different it felt. It was so casual. No wedding dress, no flowers, no suits, and yet it seemed so perfect for us. Our love for each other was made all the more the focus because of the lack of pomp and circumstance.

Afterward we had our family over for food, which was awesome. Mutti made a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and she decorated it to look like our wedding cake. It was SOOOO good. I gave a huge hunk of it to my dad and we kept two pieces one for Jeeves and one for me, to enjoy sometime this week. Apart from that, the rest of it was devoured by our guests who raved about it. It was such a great afternoon, visiting with family and friends.

Then we had our first (non-family) baby sitter and Jeeves and I went out for frozen yogurt and to see the X-Men movie. The movie was awesome, but I have a huge soft spot for comic book movies. They are my kryptonite, like Julie and Julia I will sit for hours watching my comic book movie DVD's.

I could not have asked for a better day, it was lovely and such a great way to commemorate our anniversary. Family, Faith, Fellowship, Food and Film. Pretty much perfect. 


Jacqui said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful way to celebrat! :)

Losing It said...

Aww what a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Here's to many more for you and Jeeves!

Good to know about the XMen movie. I've been on the fence about it, but I'm hearing good things.

Amanda said...

What a lovely anniversary...and renewal of vows! Mine comes up at the end of the month...4 for us!

Kelly said...

Yea, the mud run. Totally. Eeps!!

And happy late anniversary!

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