Pictures - My week in review.

The wedding cake I made yesterday. It's not a traditional wedding cake but the bride really liked it. And most importantly it tasted really, really good. I slathered on tons of frosting and made a super moist cake. It was totally in keeping with her theme as well, the hall was decorated with lovely bright colors and there were daisies on the tables.

Booger came out of her room the other day and said, "look mommy, I have pants on my head." She's so goofy.
Jeeves and I on our anniversary at Yo-My Goodness. I have better pictures, but they are on Mutti's camera, I'll get them this weekend.

Apparently the bruises don't translate well onto my camera, but you can see how puffy my foot is. It's feeling much better today, and as long as I don't over-do it, I should be better by next week which is good cause I'm starting to go a little crazy.

Oh! and an apology to my readers who prefer to remain anonymous (Aims in particular), but I've had to disable commenting from anonymous readers thanks to some crazy Eastern European bastard who kept spamming my comments. Really, really pissed me off.


Ronnie said...

Wow! Your foot looks like it hurrrts.

But the cake is fabulous. :)

Amanda said...

wow..that is some sprain lady! OUCH!

Cute picture of you and the hubs!

Tallent! Wonderful baking and decorating tallent my friend!

Ana said...

Ouch! Now that's a nice bruise and swelling :( Feel better soon sweetie. And nice cake--very pretty!!

Amanda said...

Ouch, your poor foot! I hope it feels better soon.

That cake is gorgeous, your daughter is a hoot, and you and Jeeves look suitably happy it's your anniversary :D

safire said...

You are so talented! That cake is amazing :)

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