The Soundtrack of My Life

Did you ever picture your life as a movie, I do from time to time, and inevitably I find music that seems to fit perfectly. Driving, Working, Playing, Sleeping, Fooling Around, Running, and even just reading a book in my living room has a song or style of music assocaited with it in my mind. I have an Ipod that Jeeves gave me when I graduated from college with my Master's degree. It has my music, the soundtrack to my life. 

So many songs bring forth unbidden memories within seconds of hearing the first few notes. I can get lost in music, I need it like some poeple need chocolate, and I thought since it's so important to me I would share some of my favorites with you.
Each song listed below is linked and will take you to a you tube video, keep in mind, calling it high school doesn't mean that's when it came out, it means that's when it touched me.

Country: Yeah, it's country and yeah, I know all the words and yeah, I'll sing it at Karaoke; You wanna make something of it...
Lucky One - AKUS
Gravity- AKUS
Grandpa - the Judds
Deeper than the Holler - Randy Travis
I told you So - Randy Travis

From Mom: Sing really loud in the car songs.
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Second Hand Rose-Barbara
You Never Called Me By My Name - David Allen Coe

From Dad: Songs for when you are drinking
Money - Pink Floyd
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Lost Boys and Golden Girls - Meatloaf
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood.

From High School: Yeah, I've got no excuse for some of these
Omaha -Counting Crows
Pretty Piece of Flesh - One Inch Punch
Santa Monica- Everclear
Real World - Matchbox 20

For the Chicks: Dance and Sing to my babies songs.
You're Gonna Be - Reba McEntire
Baby don't you cry - Quincy Coleman
In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride
Somewhere over the Rainbow - Issak K

For Jeeves:
Thank You - Bon Jovi
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
Hanging By A Moment - Life House
Yours To Hold - Skillet

I'll stop there, it could go on for three days, but I'll spare you, I hope you had some time to enjoy and hear some new songs.


Jennifer said...

I totally agree music can bring back memories. There are songs I hear and associate with times in my life, places I have been, and people. :-)

safire said...

:) Thanks for sharing your memories through music! My boyfriend and I love discussing songs we listened to growing up. It's interesting to see what childhood memories or memories in general get evoked when certain songs go on the radio. There's a radio show on Sunday that does oldies from the 90s.

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