Answered Prayers

The munches and I had nothing going on yesterday, (Well, I had a huge stack of laundry to do but I had gotten home early and knew I'd have time to work that out later). So I packed my wallet, phone and keys into a backpack and we took a walk. About a half mile from our house is a Sonic so we walked up and had ice cream cones. They had a ball, talking about all the dogs we saw and telling about how getting shots keeps you from getting sick but it's "poke-y" (this walk was genius, for two dollars they were engaged and having a good time and they were so worn out at the end of it that the house was nice and calm for quite a while afterward.)

A little while back I told you all that I was feeling crazed and mean, which startled and scared me. I'm not a mean person. Well I decided that I needed help and I asked for it, I prayed. I feel as though my prayers have been answered, I am able to handle my stress much more calmly and it seems like all of the anger has been drained out. Like as soon as I gave up the fight for control, someone just grabbed the stopper and the pool of angry and awful just went away. It's lovely feeling so peaceful and I'm noticing a change in the girls as well, which proves that something needed to be done. Our little family was headed down the wrong path and I believe we have been set back on the right one.

In other answered prayer news: The girls have been uninsured for quite a while and starting July 1st we will have insurance for them. We went with a plan that may be very difficult for the first year or two, but could also be remarkable after the initial hardship. We have chosen a plan with a Health Savings Account rather than a Flexible spending account. The rub is that it is a high deductible plan, the balm is that after you meet the deductible for each year, you don't have to pay anything until the following year. We are a remarkably healthy family and preventative care is free, so well woman exams, physicals, and the girls yearly stuff, including vaccinations = free! It costs less per month than the other options and if I ever leave the company, the money in the savings account goes with me, the savings account is mine and it will be usable for any health related cost. This is all music to my mother's ears, and honestly helps me breathe a little easier. They are toddlers after all and I lived in fear of the day they broke something or stuck a bean up their nose and ended up in the ER.

I'm going to jog again today, I'm going to the bigger gym and jogging on the good machines (the one's that don't have the hair trigger emergency stop button that cancels out your whole run) I didn't do too poorly and as long as I wear supportive shoes when walking long distances my foot isn't giving me too much trouble. It still is a bit sore and tight when i first get up in the morning and when walking around barefoot, but the NP said that would ease in time. blerg!

I'm going out of town with my girl friends this weekend, I should have a wealth of pictures and regretable beverage decisions to confess to you all when I return on Monday. When I go to the Farm, I spend the whole time wearing the most comfortable (read: ugly) clothing I own and eating things I know I should not, but don't care. I will take advantage of the long winding road up to the main road and walk it at least twice while I'm there, get some workout going, not much, but some.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Bis Dann!


Call Me Ishmael said...

..regrettable beverage decisions!! LMAO, that's pretty funny. Potato chips are the devil, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who falls prey to the tortilla chip!

Ana said...

I love how a simple ice cream cone can keep babes so happy. Yay for answered prayers and peace :) That is awesome!

I'm going to take a cue from you and do the same today down at DQ for Tom Sawyer! Thanks for the good idea, and enjoy those beverages ;)

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!

Amanda said...

I am so glad that your prayer was answered!

We have a HSA and we really like it!

Have a wonderful weekend lil mama!

Amanda said...

"Regretable beverage decisions"... LOL!

I'm glad you're feeling better. I know what you mean, re: health insurance worries. There was a period there where my boys weren't insured and wouldn't you know they both had ER visits during that time? Ick!!!

Enjoy yourself. You've earned it :)

Ms. M said...

"Regrettable beverage decisions" is too funny! I think I may make some of those this weekend too. Its that or more painkillers and I'd really like stay away so yeah regrettable beverages it is, lol.

I'm glad you're prayer for peace within was answered. That's got to make things better for the whole family.

Have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend away is wonderful.

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