Ultra Sonic Ovaries

Ha that sounds funny. I went to have my ultrasound today and no abnormalities were found, so the problem is probably hormonal (whoopie) at least fixing hormonal issues tends to be cheaper than fixing something structurally wrong with the lady bits. I drank a crap ton of water and I didn't pee before I went to the appointment but they still had to do the internal ultrasound (joy) I am really happy that there is nothing visually wrong, but I want to have a baby and the likely first step of treatment for this issue is to go on birth control for a few months. Have I ever told you about me on Birth Control? lets just say it wasn't pretty (and I'm amazed Jeeves put up with it for as long as he did, dude's a saint in that respect) Needless to say I'm concerned; going on BC, not ideal.

Last night when Jeeves got home he woke me up saying he smelled gas, turns out the pilot in the oven had gone out, and my long lighter (the safer one) had been ruined last summer so after the procedure this morning I bought a new lighter and crawled around on the floor hoping to god my face wasn't going to get melted off and re-lit the pilot. Poor Jeeves stayed up all night because he was worried the house was going to explode and we were all going to be blown into fiery chunks. So that's fixed. 

This afternoon I am headed out to the dentist for another type of invasive procedure. Fillings! Boy it's a banner day in the life of the ninja. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic. I am getting 2, and I've only ever done this once before. I figure I'll be able to drive myself home, if not we live close enough to the dentist that Jeeves can come get me. After the dentist I'm going home, and finishing laundry while watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Julia and Julia. I figure I'll need some guilty pleasure (the movies) while being unable to eat and needing to finish the laundry (the munches are running out of tiny clean panties, not cool)

I feel a fruit binge coming on, I have a grapefruit, peach, banana and bowl of grapes sitting on my desk, I have a feeling they will all be gone in about an hour. But that will be probably my only food today, so maybe not such a serious binge...Foot is still to sore to run, but I am going to the gym tomorrow, and I'm going to walk and do some weight training, maybe I'll jump on the crazy mountain climber elliptical thing too, we'll see. I am out of my groove and I worry if I don't do something soon I descend back into pre-weight-loss sloth-dom.

Pumpkin and Booger, April 2011


Ana said...

As odd as it sounds, I am now going to prep some fruit and go on a fruit binge myself. It just sounds good and summery! Kudos for hitting the gym again, but please be careful! An injured Ninja just can't kick butt like she should :)

safire said...

Fruit binges scare me because it can definitely be too much of a good thing considering the amount of sugar in certain fruits! I have to watch myself :)

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

argh- birth control! I'm dealing with the joys of hormones this week too. Delightful! Scary about your pilot light! I totally understand where Jeeves is coming from. When Pj and I lived in that little apartment, I always feared that we'd be blown to bits when he lit the pilot light. *lol* Good luck at the dentist!

Amanda said...

Birth control pills turn me into the creature from the black lagoon, or something equally as even-tempered and attractive. I'm not interested in reproducing anymore and Choreboy is fixed, so that's a blessing. My sympathies on having to be on them.

And ouch on the fillings! I had two done awhile ago, one on each side of my mouth. They were only my 2nd and 3rd fillings ever (still are). I insisted on doing them both the same day because I had to get back to work. Let's just say that I didn't answer the phone until mid-afternoon, because I sounded like the adults from the Charlie Brown TV specials.

Enjoy your fruit binge!!!

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