Crunchy Nuggets

Sounds like dog food but it's not, it's a cereal I bought last night to increase my fiber intake. (mmmmm, fiber) It tastes like cardboard and it's the consistency of gravel, but it helps the tummy and if I put in yogurt and let it sit for 5 minutes it softens up enough to not crack my fillings. I don't know if I'll get around to eating the full half cup described in the serving info, but I'll try.

Today new lamps happened and now I'm considering revoking Jeeves' Craigslist privileges for a few weeks. Seriously I got confused when I walked out of my bedroom this morning. It was like an episode of the twilight zone (Help, I woke up in someone else's body...What happened to my crummy furniture and my size 12 butt? Why do I feel pregnant? What the what?!?!) Yeah not cool.

Going to the craft store tomorrow to purchase a length of fleece and copious amounts of felt for projects that will be rolling out of my newly clean craft room this weekend. I have a schedule and it will be kept, and I will be done with holiday shopping/crafting a week before Christmas, you just wait and see.


Week 25: pregnant and confused

I'm just saying.

A good friend of mine who was at my house on saturday made a comment that struck me as both hilarious and totally true at the same time. At no other point in your life, except pregnancy, do as many strange things happen to your body and you just think, "eh, no big deal, that's just part of the process"

Basket-case brand Psycho Moments like those brought on by pregnancy would send most people screaming for some sort of medical intervention, or yoga, or acupuncture, or booze. But since we can't take any good medications, are as graceful as turtles in a ball pit and can't really drink the amount we'd like to, we just sit around, cry and nest to ease our agony, What the french!?!

It's just funny to me that this process is so bizarre and we just sort of accept it.

Anyway, Week 25: It's a good week, nothing new just growing and putting on fat. Squirt is almost a foot and a half long and weighs almost 2 pounds. He's probably starting to sprout hair on his cute little tetris game head and he's looking more like a human infant than a dried fruit.

Funny story: My youngest daughter's name is Reagan and as many of you know, nicknames have an odd way of developing. She started as reggie which then became reaggie, to which we then added a roo (reaggie-roo) and then she became roo-ta-bega, which is about the same size as Squirt is this week.(okay maybe I just thinks that's funny)

Here's some photos from what happened in my house yesterday.
Christmas Card Photo
I made these tunics out of too big t-shirts
we got a new tree! It's so big we need more ornaments!


Memory Lane ... and Trees?

Morning folks, It's the monday after thanksgiving and there are 27 shopping days until Christmas, who's done?




lol, me neither.

I had such a lovely weekend and am now the proud co-owner of a big flat screen television (Merry Christmas Jeeves!) I hoped to luck out and get my old navy coat on Black Friday but by the time I got there, the only size left was small and even if I spent some time in a medically induced coma to keep from eating, I'll never be a size small. I was not built on the "petite" side.

Saturday afternoon we spent with some of Jeeves' side of the family. The girls got to play with their cousins and I got to hang with my SIL who wanted to talk my favorite subject: Crafts! it was a fun way to spend a few hours, we discussed holiday arrangements and the merits of thrift store Christmas shopping (anyone have an opinion on that?) She discovered pinterest recently and has been a little addicted, I feel her pain. :0)

I had a holiday style dinner party type thing at my house on Saturday night. I baked chicken, which would have been cool except it wasn't done in time so I ended up carving it a little under done and microwaving the salmonella out of it. I hope every one else had as good a time as me, I love having gatherings at my house. There were some amazing appetizers provided by my friends and it was a yummy night. (thanks y'all)

Sunday was also excellent. Erin came over and we crocheted like little old ladies after having pizza for dinner. I also put up our Christmas tree and we listened to carols while hanging decorations. I have a hearth and a tree and cute munches, so I may end up sending out a picture Christmas Card, It'll be there first time in my adult life that I will send out Christmas Cards, we'll see how things work out. (side note: while typing this I have been doing an experiment on how many wrong ways there are to try to spell Christmas, there's a lot of them)

I have had some success with the office. No I didn't get it cleaned out like I'd have liked, but I did halve my yarn stash, I gave it to Erin to use/store as she sees fit. Things are moving along and I think we might even get a little further toward useful office/craft space this week. Jeeves has decided that it is worth his while to help me create space where the crafting can occur that isn't, oh, the dining room. More news on that later.

I was putting up the tree yesterday and Jeeves bought a new one on Craigslist, so today I get to take it down and put the new one back up again, joy. Also I was thinking about the beginning of this blog and the story about Pumpkin breaking the Christmas tree, it made me laugh. Enjoy


Giving Thanks

Today was such a lovely day, I spent it with my family and we ate good food, retold some of our favorite memories and enjoyed some time with some of the people who mean the most to me. In the spirit of the season, here are some things I remembered to be thankful for today.

1. My family: Jeeves, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Mutti, Gram, Grump, Dad, Felix, Brit, Livie, Rhys, and so many others who enrich my life, each and every day.

2. My blog: which allows me to reach out and connect with all of you, I may never meet you but you are in my hearts.

3. My home: This comfy welcoming mess is where I feel most at ease and it's been such a blessing to have a place to call and make my own.

4. My Friends, both at work and in my personal life. The fact that you guys know me and still like me amazes me. because you are all so awesome.

5. Holiday pies at Mcdonalds: (hello, I'm pregnant, one of these things was totes gonna be food)These vanilla custard filled nightmares are the stuff sugar coma-diabetic dreams are made of and they have only been in stores for a few days but I already have 3 of them in my fridge (because they taste better cold, trust me)

6. Craft blogs: So many of my favorite gifts this year have come from craft and DIY blogs that I have found. It's so neat to have such an endless supply of inspiration.

7. Squirt: Harboring this tiny stowaway has been a remarkable experience and has forced me to relax and spend time taking care of myself, a thing I have neglected a lot recently. Wanting his beginnings to be healthy prompted me to look at what I put myself through and make some changes, thanks shrimp!

Happy Turkey Day All!


Week 24: So Thankful

It's week 24, which a is a big week in the grand scheme of things, because if there were a problem and little dude had to come early this is a pivotal point. His lungs have started producing the fatty substance (surfactant) that will allow them to inflate once he hits the air and his circulatory system is now capable of passing oxygen through his lungs and sending it out to his bloodstream to keep his little parts working properly. I don't expect any problems because as with my other two pregnancies the only complication I'm dealing with is the exhaustion I've mentioned before. I'm so thankful to have made it this far with so few issues, I'm truly blessed to be so healthy and supported. 

Other stuff is happening in there as well, his adrenal gland is pumping out hormones which will help to stimulate my milk production after he is born. His ears are done forming as are his finger and toenails (all the better to scratch himself my dear, thank heaven for those little baby mittens!) According to Baby Center he is about the length of a large ear of corn and still looking pretty emaciated and skinny, (dude needs to fatten up a bit). Also his little man bits are starting to slide down from his abdominal cavity into the sac that will house them and be a constant source of distraction for him as he grows up (why do dudes feel the need to constantly play with those things, esh!)

Moving on. I apparently have been vocal enough in my "hands off the belly" campaign that only Mutti, Jeeves and the Munches have been touching me which I'm cool with. Squirt is bumping and bouncing and every once in a while he has a well placed shot that gets me right in the bladder (hello, now I have to pee, thanks kid, I just sat down!)

I have to have the blood glucose tolerance screening in the next two weeks, and while I'm not concerned; that shit sucks, hard core. They make you drink the equivalent of sno-cone syrup on an empty stomach when everything makes you feel like you are going to throw up anyway and then wait an hour with no other food before they draw some blood. (Have a great day!) Gag me, I think I'm gonna take the day off work when I do that one.


No Rest,

for the weary.

And boy oh boy am I weary. (anyone else feel some Otis Redding coming on?)

It's such a good term for the exhaustion that pervades almost every minute of my life. I feel the draw of sleep like addicts feel the pull of their drug of choice. In spite of the almost constant risk of spontaneous napping I also have a marked inability to rest or sleep well. It's got to be nature setting me up for the first few months with my little dude.

Yesterday I was up at six am, which would have been fine except then I didn't get to bed until after midnight. I might have slept in today except it's payroll Monday and a holiday week so I had to be in and have all of my time cards approved to finance by 8:30am. (I cut it a little close)

At least while I was awake yesterday I got a lot done. My entire house has only one set of clothes per person that are dirty, and all of the laundry has been folded and most of it has been put away. This is kind of huge for me because I'd live out of laundry baskets if I could get away with it. Mutti and I went to Walmart, and then I crocheted the rest of a yellow section on little dudes baby blanket.

An Aside: My children are usually gifted with no fewer then three blankets upon their birth, A crocheted blanket from me, a embroidered quilt from Mutti and a "poofy-snuggly" type quilt from a close family friend, among others. They don't really have favorites, but use different blankets for different things. I have blankets all over my house, fleece ones, micro fleece, lap quilts, twin sized blankets to cover up on chilly days on the couch. We have a lot of blankets. In fact it's a little hilarious

So I'm about halfway done with Squirt's crocheted blanket and I'm loving it. I found some soft comfy yarn that has worked up quite nicely and the skeins I picked are such pretty colors. I'm also working on a twin bed sized blanket for my sunshine girl who has been asking for a rainbow in her prayers for the past month. So I'm going to make it for her for her 4th birthday, it might take that long to get it done.

Tonight we have our first Parents as Teacher meeting at our home for Pumpkin and Squirt. I'm hoping it will go well and I'm going to leave work early to go home and make sure the house looks good and the munches have matching clothes on, I need to get them some of those shirts that say "Daddy Dressed Me"

Wear-y, gonna go try to get some work done, wish me luck.


Gah! Busy!

I had a really, really busy week and I'm sorry that I've been absent from commenting. I pledge to get better about it this week. But so much has happened, it's really remarkable.

We got the spare room cleared out, and got the twin bed moved in. The baby's bassinet is set up with a ton of baby junk packed inside of it and after the holidays (when we will use the space as the "santa staging area") I will begin the process of getting a chest of drawers and bedside table for little dude's stuff.

We had a rather busy day yesterday that resulted in a clean house, new sectional, usable spare room, new couch and love seat and basically a whole new house. We need some new area rugs, pillows, decorative items and curtains to match the new furniture. But I'm looking forward to finding these things and making my home look even better. I'm thrilled to be doing things that adults do, it's amazing that I still don't feel like I'm totally an adult. How can I be a mother of two with my own home and bills to pay and not feel like an adult, it's weird. It's been interesting these past few weeks being in my own home while preparing for a baby. I find myself trying to condense and clear out things that I never would have done before.

Jeeves put our old sofa and love seat out on the curb with a "free" sign on them and it was a gray day, we really thought it was going to rain on them and we'd have to rent a truck to take them to the dump. But then as we got back from dinner and the store we noticed that they had been picked up! Yay! It's nice when things work out.

I have a slight confession to make. I have the potential mindset and genetic awesomeness that could someday allow for a hoarding situation to develop if I'm not careful. I've talked before about the laundry and the spare room and the office, but I don't think I've ever admitted that it's a genuine problem. I could be a hoarder, the show "Hoarders" helps me to recognize the behaviors that can get me into trouble. When we were squatting at my mother's house I had a hoarded basement full of my crap. There was at least 6 van loads of junk that went to the good will, and at least 2 vans loads of straight crap that got thrown away. It felt good to get rid of it. With each area of my home that I reclaim from the crap I find myself feeling lighter, happier, more accomplished.

I have a few issues, ( I feel the need to mention that none of them are the emotional one's that lead to the disasters on TV) the first of which is the buying and saving of stuff for "someday" projects. It's a well organized pile of crap but it's still a pile of crap that is never going to turn in to the awesome things I want it to. So it's got to go. I am clearing out the office this week. There is a closet full of craft crap that needs fleecing. I've saved it for last and it's time to get it done. I have a holiday party at my house on Saturday and I'm making the commitment now to get the office cleaned out by Friday night. I've made a short list of the things I'm going to keep. 1 tub of yarn, 1 tub of Jewelry making supplies and 1 tub of scrap-booking supplies. Also I'm going to choose the tub of yarn based on some stash busting that is going to occur between now and Christmas. I have an order for 4 ear warmers to be finished by the second week of September (40 bucks for my idle TV watching hobby? Score!) If it doesn't have an application within the next 6 months, it's going to be donated.

Jeeves has agreed to help me with toting the stuff out of the car and then into the goodwill/leftovers place. I'm practically giddy with the idea that it will all be done soon, my whole little place in the universe will be accessible and the way I want it to be. What kind of nonsense will I get into then, I wonder?


Week 23: Hello, my name is...

Slacker Dumbass

Nice to meet you.

It's week 23 and my little man can now feel it when we rock, which ought to be his favorite motion when he comes out because is sit in my rocking chair for at least 2 hours every day. I'm considering getting a new one from when he gets here, this one has been through 2 babies and looks a little ratty, I'm not gonna lie.I'd like to get one that reclines as well as rocking. They are a bit pricey, but I don't think I'll mind spending some cash on something I'll use often.

His ears are picking up more sounds and he is being lulled by the sound of my breathing, singing, talking and other various bodily sounds that are going on in there. Funny how loud it is inside of a body. I take advantage of this and use a white noise/wave sound machine to help my little's sleep well. I also usually have a fan going in the room, since the air circulation helps decrease the risk of SIDS and it helps me sleep as well. I remember when Jeeves and I first got married it bugged that he always wanted a fan going and it would keep me awake, now the constant noise makes me drift off so quickly and I find it hard to stay asleep without it.

I've started wearing the support belt everyday now, because it helps keep my spine in position to keep pressure off my sciatic nerve, which has me gimpin around my house like a crazy person. The only issue is that it sits weird when I'm sitting and leaning forward is hard because it's so restrictive, I may have to take it off when I'm sitting at my desk.

Wondering about that slacker dumb ass thing?

This post should have happened yesterday, but because I was stupid busy, it didn't ergo I'm a slacker.

Then, last night I move furniture. I was irritated and it needed to get done so I did it, and then I hurt so bad that I cried. A little perspective on this, I didn't cry during labor. I regret it today and have decided that I need to not do that anymore, cause it sucks...and I'm a dumb ass.

Oh! and baby stuff...
I'm debating putting his name on here. Like a Letterman Jacket.

I attached the pants, shirt and socks with pins, so they don't get lost.


120 Days

I now have 120 days left of being pregnant, according to my little sidebar widget dude. That's about 4 months, which depending on which train of thought you use means I'm either 5 or 6 months pregnant. You guys all know the debate right, 40 weeks at 4 weeks per month equals 10 months. But that's not totally accurate because that would mean each month has only 28 days, it discounts days 29, 30 and sometimes 31. I'm going to go with 5 months, because 9 months from June (when the egg got planted) is March and that's when my due date is. So 5 months down 4 to go, yippee!

I've been doing a lot of baby crafting. In spite of the fact that I have tons to do to prepare for Christmas I'm entrenched in making a sweater, booties, blanket and Christening outfit for Squirt. I also bought his baby book this weekend and filled in the first few pages of stuff about Jeeves and I and put his sonogram picture in there. I was looking through the ones for the Munches and realized that after Sunshine showed up I had become quite lax in documenting firsts and memorable-s in the baby books, so this weekend, before I bought the book for Squirt, I finished their books and put all the photos and special papers in there. It turned out that it was good that I did because I found Sunshine's Social Security Card amid a stack of photos and now I have everyone's cards together with the important documents in our "in case of fire" bag.

Little dude's christening outfit is going to be a bit less formal then the one the girls wore. They had a fancy frilly dress that they both wore. It was lacy and shiny and pretty, but not so great for my new little boy. So I'm purchasing a white layette, and making some booties and a sweater for him to wear. It will be trimmed in blue and he will look very handsome in it. Plus, it will be nice and snuggly. Pictures of baby cuteness to follow in subsequent posts as things are finished.


Frugal Baby Fat Fashion Friday

Today's outfit just came together this week. It's not awesome, but it was pretty cheap and all of parts are covered. I forgot to have Jeeves take a photo so this one sucks, but It's the best I can do in my office with the camera timer. I have owned this white sweater for ages and been unable to figure out how to pair it with things that looked alright. I ran this by Erin the other day and she said it was a good pair.

Jeans: hand me down from SIL: free!
Sweater $7.00 (clearance at Schmal-mart)
Shirt $.80 (super clearance!!!)
Shoes $9.00
Bracelet $3.00

I'll get Jeeves to take the picture this week, and I'll do something better with my hair, I'm looking like a hot preggo mess these days. 


Moar Talking about Coats

Yep, I'm gonna keep blathering about it.

I visited the trusty goodwill again and came across a dk gray and blue plaid hoodie that is lined with fuzzy warm stuff. It's a men's size large and is pretty comfy. I've removed the "sweater cuffs" and will be headed to the store to buy a yard of dark gray fleece to make some coat-like cuffs, a faux double breast placket for the front, and possibly a collar. If I can up-cycle a comfy (read: stretchy) maternity coat, then when Jeeves and I head to old navy tomorrow, I can purchase this awesome thing...