No Rest,

for the weary.

And boy oh boy am I weary. (anyone else feel some Otis Redding coming on?)

It's such a good term for the exhaustion that pervades almost every minute of my life. I feel the draw of sleep like addicts feel the pull of their drug of choice. In spite of the almost constant risk of spontaneous napping I also have a marked inability to rest or sleep well. It's got to be nature setting me up for the first few months with my little dude.

Yesterday I was up at six am, which would have been fine except then I didn't get to bed until after midnight. I might have slept in today except it's payroll Monday and a holiday week so I had to be in and have all of my time cards approved to finance by 8:30am. (I cut it a little close)

At least while I was awake yesterday I got a lot done. My entire house has only one set of clothes per person that are dirty, and all of the laundry has been folded and most of it has been put away. This is kind of huge for me because I'd live out of laundry baskets if I could get away with it. Mutti and I went to Walmart, and then I crocheted the rest of a yellow section on little dudes baby blanket.

An Aside: My children are usually gifted with no fewer then three blankets upon their birth, A crocheted blanket from me, a embroidered quilt from Mutti and a "poofy-snuggly" type quilt from a close family friend, among others. They don't really have favorites, but use different blankets for different things. I have blankets all over my house, fleece ones, micro fleece, lap quilts, twin sized blankets to cover up on chilly days on the couch. We have a lot of blankets. In fact it's a little hilarious

So I'm about halfway done with Squirt's crocheted blanket and I'm loving it. I found some soft comfy yarn that has worked up quite nicely and the skeins I picked are such pretty colors. I'm also working on a twin bed sized blanket for my sunshine girl who has been asking for a rainbow in her prayers for the past month. So I'm going to make it for her for her 4th birthday, it might take that long to get it done.

Tonight we have our first Parents as Teacher meeting at our home for Pumpkin and Squirt. I'm hoping it will go well and I'm going to leave work early to go home and make sure the house looks good and the munches have matching clothes on, I need to get them some of those shirts that say "Daddy Dressed Me"

Wear-y, gonna go try to get some work done, wish me luck.

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