Week 25: pregnant and confused

I'm just saying.

A good friend of mine who was at my house on saturday made a comment that struck me as both hilarious and totally true at the same time. At no other point in your life, except pregnancy, do as many strange things happen to your body and you just think, "eh, no big deal, that's just part of the process"

Basket-case brand Psycho Moments like those brought on by pregnancy would send most people screaming for some sort of medical intervention, or yoga, or acupuncture, or booze. But since we can't take any good medications, are as graceful as turtles in a ball pit and can't really drink the amount we'd like to, we just sit around, cry and nest to ease our agony, What the french!?!

It's just funny to me that this process is so bizarre and we just sort of accept it.

Anyway, Week 25: It's a good week, nothing new just growing and putting on fat. Squirt is almost a foot and a half long and weighs almost 2 pounds. He's probably starting to sprout hair on his cute little tetris game head and he's looking more like a human infant than a dried fruit.

Funny story: My youngest daughter's name is Reagan and as many of you know, nicknames have an odd way of developing. She started as reggie which then became reaggie, to which we then added a roo (reaggie-roo) and then she became roo-ta-bega, which is about the same size as Squirt is this week.(okay maybe I just thinks that's funny)

Here's some photos from what happened in my house yesterday.
Christmas Card Photo
I made these tunics out of too big t-shirts
we got a new tree! It's so big we need more ornaments!


Sarah G said...

Your girls are too cute!

Polar's Mom said...

Ahaha, yes my doggies nicknames are numerous and keep 'evolving'. It's a miracle that they still know who they are!!!

Love the pic of your girls, and the tree is gorg!!!

Julie said...

I like those girls shirt. You are so creative. Love your new tree. Little one is already 2 lbs, that's just so amazing.
Take care my friend, sleep well. Blessings!!

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