Crunchy Nuggets

Sounds like dog food but it's not, it's a cereal I bought last night to increase my fiber intake. (mmmmm, fiber) It tastes like cardboard and it's the consistency of gravel, but it helps the tummy and if I put in yogurt and let it sit for 5 minutes it softens up enough to not crack my fillings. I don't know if I'll get around to eating the full half cup described in the serving info, but I'll try.

Today new lamps happened and now I'm considering revoking Jeeves' Craigslist privileges for a few weeks. Seriously I got confused when I walked out of my bedroom this morning. It was like an episode of the twilight zone (Help, I woke up in someone else's body...What happened to my crummy furniture and my size 12 butt? Why do I feel pregnant? What the what?!?!) Yeah not cool.

Going to the craft store tomorrow to purchase a length of fleece and copious amounts of felt for projects that will be rolling out of my newly clean craft room this weekend. I have a schedule and it will be kept, and I will be done with holiday shopping/crafting a week before Christmas, you just wait and see.

1 comment:

LeAnna said...

I love crafting! But, you reminded me what a disaster area my craft room is right now. i really need to get in there and do damage control.

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