Frugal Baby Fat Fashion Friday

Today's outfit just came together this week. It's not awesome, but it was pretty cheap and all of parts are covered. I forgot to have Jeeves take a photo so this one sucks, but It's the best I can do in my office with the camera timer. I have owned this white sweater for ages and been unable to figure out how to pair it with things that looked alright. I ran this by Erin the other day and she said it was a good pair.

Jeans: hand me down from SIL: free!
Sweater $7.00 (clearance at Schmal-mart)
Shirt $.80 (super clearance!!!)
Shoes $9.00
Bracelet $3.00

I'll get Jeeves to take the picture this week, and I'll do something better with my hair, I'm looking like a hot preggo mess these days. 


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

oh, cute! The 80 cent shirt is an amazing find!!

Ana said...

You look so cute!!

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