You're so Happy?

We put up our christmas tree on the 14th of November 2009, yes I realize that's kinda crazy but it was my first christmas in my new home and I wanted my tree up as soon as possible.

My husband has a few converstions about saving the tree from the toddlers and thought we had developed a pretty good plan. Our den has two entrances so we put a bookshelf for toys in one of the doorways, essentially creating a block to keep the kiddos from using that door. We put the tree in the den on the opposite side of the bookshelf and then put a couch and chair caddycorner from one another to block access to the bottom of the tree. We figured this would save our tiny, cheap tree and keep us from having to buy a new one this year.

Well the plan sort of backfired, during a tug fight my oldest daughter fell into the bookshelf and cause it crush the tree while I was at work. It bent the tree in half and forced half of the branches to point to the floor. Upon arriving home, I performed tree triage and created a charlie-brown-esque tree to get us through this year. I was a bit perturbed when the tree incident happened, and I guess my husband must have told my daughter, "Mommy is going to be mad!" because when I arrived home she hid from me, thinking I was going to be angry. When I called her, she came out and said, "Mommy, im so sorry I broke this christmas" and she gestured to the tree. I told her it was okay and that Mommy was not mad. She looked slightly bewilderd and said, "you're so Happy?" and I assured her, "yes baby, Mommy is so Happy."

Well yesterday while taking down the decorations I removed all the ornaments and tossed the tree out in the yard to be included with the trash pickup today. Hannah looked out the window and said, "Look! Mommy broke the christmas and she's So happy!"

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