Week 24: So Thankful

It's week 24, which a is a big week in the grand scheme of things, because if there were a problem and little dude had to come early this is a pivotal point. His lungs have started producing the fatty substance (surfactant) that will allow them to inflate once he hits the air and his circulatory system is now capable of passing oxygen through his lungs and sending it out to his bloodstream to keep his little parts working properly. I don't expect any problems because as with my other two pregnancies the only complication I'm dealing with is the exhaustion I've mentioned before. I'm so thankful to have made it this far with so few issues, I'm truly blessed to be so healthy and supported. 

Other stuff is happening in there as well, his adrenal gland is pumping out hormones which will help to stimulate my milk production after he is born. His ears are done forming as are his finger and toenails (all the better to scratch himself my dear, thank heaven for those little baby mittens!) According to Baby Center he is about the length of a large ear of corn and still looking pretty emaciated and skinny, (dude needs to fatten up a bit). Also his little man bits are starting to slide down from his abdominal cavity into the sac that will house them and be a constant source of distraction for him as he grows up (why do dudes feel the need to constantly play with those things, esh!)

Moving on. I apparently have been vocal enough in my "hands off the belly" campaign that only Mutti, Jeeves and the Munches have been touching me which I'm cool with. Squirt is bumping and bouncing and every once in a while he has a well placed shot that gets me right in the bladder (hello, now I have to pee, thanks kid, I just sat down!)

I have to have the blood glucose tolerance screening in the next two weeks, and while I'm not concerned; that shit sucks, hard core. They make you drink the equivalent of sno-cone syrup on an empty stomach when everything makes you feel like you are going to throw up anyway and then wait an hour with no other food before they draw some blood. (Have a great day!) Gag me, I think I'm gonna take the day off work when I do that one.

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Julie said...

I love these updates. It is so fun learning what's what. No computer when Mike was growing otherwise I would of lived on it. :o)
I hope you guys have a wonderful day and the most terrific and blessed Thanksgiving.

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