Gah! Busy!

I had a really, really busy week and I'm sorry that I've been absent from commenting. I pledge to get better about it this week. But so much has happened, it's really remarkable.

We got the spare room cleared out, and got the twin bed moved in. The baby's bassinet is set up with a ton of baby junk packed inside of it and after the holidays (when we will use the space as the "santa staging area") I will begin the process of getting a chest of drawers and bedside table for little dude's stuff.

We had a rather busy day yesterday that resulted in a clean house, new sectional, usable spare room, new couch and love seat and basically a whole new house. We need some new area rugs, pillows, decorative items and curtains to match the new furniture. But I'm looking forward to finding these things and making my home look even better. I'm thrilled to be doing things that adults do, it's amazing that I still don't feel like I'm totally an adult. How can I be a mother of two with my own home and bills to pay and not feel like an adult, it's weird. It's been interesting these past few weeks being in my own home while preparing for a baby. I find myself trying to condense and clear out things that I never would have done before.

Jeeves put our old sofa and love seat out on the curb with a "free" sign on them and it was a gray day, we really thought it was going to rain on them and we'd have to rent a truck to take them to the dump. But then as we got back from dinner and the store we noticed that they had been picked up! Yay! It's nice when things work out.

I have a slight confession to make. I have the potential mindset and genetic awesomeness that could someday allow for a hoarding situation to develop if I'm not careful. I've talked before about the laundry and the spare room and the office, but I don't think I've ever admitted that it's a genuine problem. I could be a hoarder, the show "Hoarders" helps me to recognize the behaviors that can get me into trouble. When we were squatting at my mother's house I had a hoarded basement full of my crap. There was at least 6 van loads of junk that went to the good will, and at least 2 vans loads of straight crap that got thrown away. It felt good to get rid of it. With each area of my home that I reclaim from the crap I find myself feeling lighter, happier, more accomplished.

I have a few issues, ( I feel the need to mention that none of them are the emotional one's that lead to the disasters on TV) the first of which is the buying and saving of stuff for "someday" projects. It's a well organized pile of crap but it's still a pile of crap that is never going to turn in to the awesome things I want it to. So it's got to go. I am clearing out the office this week. There is a closet full of craft crap that needs fleecing. I've saved it for last and it's time to get it done. I have a holiday party at my house on Saturday and I'm making the commitment now to get the office cleaned out by Friday night. I've made a short list of the things I'm going to keep. 1 tub of yarn, 1 tub of Jewelry making supplies and 1 tub of scrap-booking supplies. Also I'm going to choose the tub of yarn based on some stash busting that is going to occur between now and Christmas. I have an order for 4 ear warmers to be finished by the second week of September (40 bucks for my idle TV watching hobby? Score!) If it doesn't have an application within the next 6 months, it's going to be donated.

Jeeves has agreed to help me with toting the stuff out of the car and then into the goodwill/leftovers place. I'm practically giddy with the idea that it will all be done soon, my whole little place in the universe will be accessible and the way I want it to be. What kind of nonsense will I get into then, I wonder?


Ana said...

I watch that show, and I get the itch to strip my house down to the bare minimum! I also could make a great hoarder...I have papers from high school still stashed away. How sad is that!?

Yay for baby bassinets though!!

Polar's Mom said...

I definitely don't think you could be a hoarder, because they usually get really upset when their place it empty. They play along well, but you know they are planning in their heads what they will keep next. I feel like I hoard into my belly. Which is not good either.
Just think about all the cool stuff someone else with ALOT more time and less responsibilities than you will be able to do with your donated stuff! Good for you!!

Julie said...

I'm glad someone else is carry the heavy goods for you. A tidy house is always so much easier to live in.
Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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