Memory Lane ... and Trees?

Morning folks, It's the monday after thanksgiving and there are 27 shopping days until Christmas, who's done?




lol, me neither.

I had such a lovely weekend and am now the proud co-owner of a big flat screen television (Merry Christmas Jeeves!) I hoped to luck out and get my old navy coat on Black Friday but by the time I got there, the only size left was small and even if I spent some time in a medically induced coma to keep from eating, I'll never be a size small. I was not built on the "petite" side.

Saturday afternoon we spent with some of Jeeves' side of the family. The girls got to play with their cousins and I got to hang with my SIL who wanted to talk my favorite subject: Crafts! it was a fun way to spend a few hours, we discussed holiday arrangements and the merits of thrift store Christmas shopping (anyone have an opinion on that?) She discovered pinterest recently and has been a little addicted, I feel her pain. :0)

I had a holiday style dinner party type thing at my house on Saturday night. I baked chicken, which would have been cool except it wasn't done in time so I ended up carving it a little under done and microwaving the salmonella out of it. I hope every one else had as good a time as me, I love having gatherings at my house. There were some amazing appetizers provided by my friends and it was a yummy night. (thanks y'all)

Sunday was also excellent. Erin came over and we crocheted like little old ladies after having pizza for dinner. I also put up our Christmas tree and we listened to carols while hanging decorations. I have a hearth and a tree and cute munches, so I may end up sending out a picture Christmas Card, It'll be there first time in my adult life that I will send out Christmas Cards, we'll see how things work out. (side note: while typing this I have been doing an experiment on how many wrong ways there are to try to spell Christmas, there's a lot of them)

I have had some success with the office. No I didn't get it cleaned out like I'd have liked, but I did halve my yarn stash, I gave it to Erin to use/store as she sees fit. Things are moving along and I think we might even get a little further toward useful office/craft space this week. Jeeves has decided that it is worth his while to help me create space where the crafting can occur that isn't, oh, the dining room. More news on that later.

I was putting up the tree yesterday and Jeeves bought a new one on Craigslist, so today I get to take it down and put the new one back up again, joy. Also I was thinking about the beginning of this blog and the story about Pumpkin breaking the Christmas tree, it made me laugh. Enjoy


Erin said...

I still vote for just having 2 Christmas trees...

Anonymous said...

I have my first Christmas tree, ever. I am half way done with shopping. I finally feel the holiday spirit, and it's a very good thing. Not that 'giving gifts' is holiday spirit, but focusing on positives and the people I love. It's wonderful!

Amanda said...

Two Christmas trees would be perfect. Think of all the crafting you could do to make decorations for the new one!

*ducks and runs*

Amanda said...

just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing! I've been MIA for a couple weeks!

Polar's Mom said...

I think thrift stores for x-mas are fine, if the stuff doesn't smell like smoke or have stains obviously! ;-) I have found some banging deals at thrift stores over the years-go for it!

Julie said...

Thrift store shopping is awesome, when you find the right deals and stuff. Two Christmas trees, you have a nice size home so it would be perfect to have two. Shopping, well I'm getting there though we have toned it way down compared to what it use to be and now even less then that. We do birthday gifts now instead of Christmas gifts, that way a family can just do the family and not worry about Fred, Martha their 10 kids and Sam and Sarah too (just names I made up, but sorta cool).
Have a great day my friend. I'm making turkey soup and turkey enchillidas. Blessings my friend!!

Losing It said...

cold holiday pies = awesomeness.

I think you mentioned that somewhere in a post. Wanted to reiterate that I tried it lol!

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