Week 23: Hello, my name is...

Slacker Dumbass

Nice to meet you.

It's week 23 and my little man can now feel it when we rock, which ought to be his favorite motion when he comes out because is sit in my rocking chair for at least 2 hours every day. I'm considering getting a new one from when he gets here, this one has been through 2 babies and looks a little ratty, I'm not gonna lie.I'd like to get one that reclines as well as rocking. They are a bit pricey, but I don't think I'll mind spending some cash on something I'll use often.

His ears are picking up more sounds and he is being lulled by the sound of my breathing, singing, talking and other various bodily sounds that are going on in there. Funny how loud it is inside of a body. I take advantage of this and use a white noise/wave sound machine to help my little's sleep well. I also usually have a fan going in the room, since the air circulation helps decrease the risk of SIDS and it helps me sleep as well. I remember when Jeeves and I first got married it bugged that he always wanted a fan going and it would keep me awake, now the constant noise makes me drift off so quickly and I find it hard to stay asleep without it.

I've started wearing the support belt everyday now, because it helps keep my spine in position to keep pressure off my sciatic nerve, which has me gimpin around my house like a crazy person. The only issue is that it sits weird when I'm sitting and leaning forward is hard because it's so restrictive, I may have to take it off when I'm sitting at my desk.

Wondering about that slacker dumb ass thing?

This post should have happened yesterday, but because I was stupid busy, it didn't ergo I'm a slacker.

Then, last night I move furniture. I was irritated and it needed to get done so I did it, and then I hurt so bad that I cried. A little perspective on this, I didn't cry during labor. I regret it today and have decided that I need to not do that anymore, cause it sucks...and I'm a dumb ass.

Oh! and baby stuff...
I'm debating putting his name on here. Like a Letterman Jacket.

I attached the pants, shirt and socks with pins, so they don't get lost.


Jacqui said...

oh. my. gosh. That outfit is way too cute!

Take care of yourself, and stop moving furniture!! :)

Sarah G said...

Totally what she said!! ^^^

Julie said...

You are a dumb ass, you know better then to do that, quit doing stuff that's going to hurt you. Slacker...nah, that didn't matter, you posted and shared...that's what's counts.
That outfit is so handsome. I can't wait to see him in it.
Be careful my friend, be careful!!!
Take care and God Bless!!

Miss April said...

The outfit is so cute!

Polar's Mom said...

Well, f-k me...I leave and come back and you are culturing a spawn! Congratulations!!!!

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