Still Waiting

Things I've tried to get things rolling:

- pineapple
- walking
- spicy food - Chinese
- spicy food - Mexican
- glass of wine
- bouncing on exercise ball.
- visualization.
- pleading
- crying
- bribery

Things that have worked: none of them.



Amanda said...

I hate that -- the waiting at the end made me crazy.

I'd offer words of consolation but none will cause the little guy to make his move so all I can say is that you have my deepest, heartfelt sympathies!!

Ana Lyman said...

Have you tried the raspberry leaf tea? I walked like crazy, and drank that like crazy, to get my youngest son out...sadly it didn't work. We ended up with an induction and pitocin, but...he came out!

I hope Daniel decides to make a grand entrance soon :) Maybe he's waiting for the 12 so he can have 03/12/12 be his big day.

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