Come to the Water

Yesterday we baptized our little guy and had a luncheon with the family and friends who came to the baptism. It was a lovely day that got even better when we arrived home and Jeeves sent me to bed for an hour and a half because I "looked like I could use a nap"

Sunshine and Pumpkin are loving the new addition and they are having a blast posing for pictures, fetching diapers and rocking him in his car seat when he is upset that he is strapped in and we are not in a moving vehicle. Whenever he begins crying they are very concerned and start shouting, "Mommy, the baby needs you!"

It turns out that Squirt is a very apt name for this little dude and I think it will stick around for awhile. He seems to think that any time a clean diaper is strapped on to his butt, that it's time to create new poo. I almost always end up changing him twice a sitting because as I'm wiping his tiny cute tush he starts going more.

For those of you with boys; Yes, I have been peed on. but he's peed on himself far more often including once the other day where he totally soaked his own sock because of his incredible aim and the fact that as soon as he started going, instead of covering him up I started laughing so hard that I just let him keep hosing his own foot. (no joke I was rolling on the floor and he was calmly looking around like, "what's up, hey; quick question, why is my foot wet?")

I'm down to 184 now, with only 14 pounds to go before I get to my first goal. I am able to start easing into exercise this week, and as soon as Jeeves gets home today the kids and I are going to attempt a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. It'll do us all good to have some activity, the girls have been going a little stir crazy the past week. It's a beautiful day outside and we'd be foolish to ignore it.

I'm also heading to the store this afternoon. In the mad prep for Squirt I forgot baby towels and in one of the cards we received yesterday there was some cash, so I'm going to use it buy a three pack of towels and some burp cloths, cause this gluttonous child will eat until he cannot possibly hold on to all the milk in his belly and then hurl a portion of it back up on me (yuck) so I need some spew catchers. 

I've been asked if he's a laid back baby, and I say yes. But, I'm not sure if he's laid back or I am. I remember being frantic and crazed with the girls and I find very little raises my pulse this time around. He cries and I know from doing it with the girls and also from my line of work, that crying is communication. While I may not be able to stop him crying, it's not personal and he's not trying to punish me; so it's easier to deal with. Plus he's such a content and amazing little man that I feel blessed every minute I get to spend with him.
You can't see all of her face but this expression hasn't left her face in two weeks


safire said...

It's so exciting when there's a baby in the house! Good luck with everything.

Amanda said...

I love it! It's so much fun seeing the older children's reactions to a new little one :) You'll make your goals, I know it!

AlmostGastricBypass said...

You guys make cute kids..

Julie said...

I finally took the time to just sit here and read a bit. Life has a bunch of stuff planned for me right now and it's keeping me more then busy. I so love all the pictures and all. Thank you very much for sharing.
I hope that you have an awesome and blessed week.

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