Food in....baby out

Not yet, but soon I hope. I've been spotting for over 24 hours now and the baby is moving a lot.

So, yesterday I ate

1 half cup of chicken fried rice.
1 cup of pineapple
1 slice of sausage pizza
2 breadsticks.
1 Twix bar (1 package,2 bars)

And about a gallon of water, diet soda and crystal light. I tasted none of it and I passed up about 14 places in the mall with yummy things because I didn't want to waste the chewing on things I could not taste. I wonder if temporary sense of taste removal could be a valid dieting technique.

Go on a drug for 6 months that takes away your sense of smell and taste and I bet you'd lose weight like nobodies business. For me; smell, taste and mouth feel all combine to give the satisfaction of eating something I enjoy. If I couldn't have those things I probably wouldn't eat until my stomach started letting me know verbally that I needed food and as long as cold beverages were an option, I would probably go liquid for most of the time.

Anyway, random ramblings for the day and now off to wake the fam for church and then hopefully a birth, keep your fingers crossed. BTW I'm officially on maternity leave now so pray with me that this kid come soon because I only get 4 paid weeks and the rest I'm on my own.


Amanda said...

Spotting sounds like a good sign! I'm thinking about you and hoping all happens soon, goes well, and swiftly :)

Julie said...

Praying all is well and your new wee one is in your arms. Take care and have a great week.!!.

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