Now, Hang on just a cotton pickin' minute...

Being this pregnant and also having a cold is simply out of the question.

It is hard to sleep anyway, (what with the crazy Miami Ink/babysitter from hell dreams and sciatica pain)...but now I've been up coughing as well and, because of my current bladder situation, trying to limp/hop/run/crawl to the bathroom every five minutes to avoid wetting my pants during the coughing fits and sneezing.

Methinks this in nonsense and I quit.

Did you hear me, Squirt?

I'm not even giving notice, consider this job abandonment, I no longer wish to be a pregnant lady.

The pay sucks anyway.

If you haven't vacated the premises by this evening, the gloves are off.

I'm just saying.


safire said...

LOL vacate the premises :)

Eviction notices take a while to get in effect but hopefully this weekend means you'll be holding your baby in your arms!

Losing It said...

I just hit 36 weeks and I'm done already. I'm measuring 40 and feel like I'm at 44.

Cmon Squirt!! Get outta momma!!!!!

Amanda said...

I remember being freaking psyched when I found out my younger son had his eviction papers (i.e., he was going to be induced in 3 days if he hadn't already shown up).

Maybe the kid will get the hint and vamoose already?

Good luck!!!

Julie said...

Soon, so very soon. Sure is hard to be patient though, I remember.
Take care and good luck, soon he'll be squirming in your arms.

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