Week 39: Mission Accomplished

Okay, So. Everything, and I do mean everything on my pre-baby have to do list is done. Including the cooking.

Last night I had Erin over and she kept me company while I completed the nesting process amid sciatica twinges and contractions. I prepared Texas Hash, Spaghetti, Breakfast casserole, Meat loaf, Cheesy Rice Casserole, and I put a huge roast in the crock pot which I am going to shred and add to some gravy and serve over baked potatoes. I have ingredients for two other crock pot meals in my pantry and fridge and have been promised a tray of lasagna from a dear friend. I think we are good for food.

The Munches big sister shirts are done, they have 2 sets of them. The first I made ended up being destroyed by the washing machine (damn sharpie markers.) So the new ones have monkeys on them and say Big Sister and Middle Sister, accordingly.

The baby is about 20 inches long and weighs a little over 7 pounds. He's done cooking, we are just waiting for the timer to go off. I'm so distracted and done with this week, this post is a day late and I'm not even going to write anymore.


Amanda said...

Yeah, you sound about ready to go :) Sending good wishes your way!

safire said...

Best of luck! Super exciting.

Laura Belle said...

Can't wait to see pics of that little guy!!!

Julie said...

Mike's ue date, January 26th, birthday date March 2nd. Be patient, he'll show up and boy will the excitement begin.
Have a blessed evening!!

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