kinda snuck up on me there

So tomorrow will be the third anniversary of the blog of Nell. Three years of the random ramblings of a chubby, crafty, sometimes crabby, often crass mommy of three. I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride, I certainly have. I'm going to be busy with life and won't have time for a wrap up tomorrow, so I figured I'd do it today, in brief of course, you all also have lives to live.

Since January of 2010 I have:
-started a blog
-realized I was a fat ass
-found a plan
-worked the plan
-lost 60 pounds
-ran in the mud
-made an awesome new friend
-gained some weight back (20 pounds)
-had a baby
-gained some more wieght back (another 10 pounds)
-ran in the mud some more
-ranted about a few things
-posted a picture of myself in my underwear
-I sent my oldest to school
-created some recipes
-met all of you (<- this is an important one)

Thank you for sticking with me and finding something interesting in my story.



Amanda said...

Happy blogaversary!!!! Or however you spell it :D

I've been at this 6.5+ years. I'm still stunned when I think about how long I've been babbling about my life, the changes I've been through, and that I'm still babbling.

It's an awesome ride. I'm glad I met you along the way :)

Erin said...

I simultaneously can't believe it's been that long and feel like I've known you forever. xoxox

safire said...

Happy Blogiversary! :)

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