Happy De-fat-iversary

Today it has been one year since I stood on my grandmother's scale and realized shit had gone awry.

Up to that point I thought I was slightly overweight but not bad, and that I was doing just fine. I thought it was normal to devour bags of chips, candy and soda everyday. And that since I loved good foods too, I had it going on.

That 232 on the scale changed my mind in a hurry, and I decided to change. I went on a lower calorie diet for 6 weeks and lost a little. then I started going to gym and my clothes got too big. Today I go to the gym a few times a week and I eat things that are good for my body. I don't avoid anything. If I want to eat something I figure out a way to work it into my life. I adjust portion sizes, workout and budget calories to ensure that my ultimate goal of losing weight and being healthy are achieved while living my life at the same time. 

 Today I wiegh 172 pounds.
I can exercise without getting so winded I'm dizzy.
I can play with my babies.
I can have another baby, and be healthy while doing it.
I can cook amazing foods that nourish my body.
I can run, not for long distances, but I'm working on it.
I can lose 60 pounds
I can lose 17 more.

Happy De-fativersary to me!


Kristen said...

You are one hot lady and a serious inspiration!

Ice Queen said...

You rule, girl. And I have no doubt that you will reach your goal.

Happy De-Fativersary! *throws confetti*

Julie said...

This is such an excellent post. CONGRATS on all of it. You and I are so close to the beginning and now weight it's amazing. I love it ms ninja, I do!!
You keep up the great work and I will cheer you on.
Take care and have a blessed and aweseome day!! You deserve it.

Losing It said...

Woot congrats! Nice anniversary to celebrate :)

Amanda said...

You deserve a hug! And since I can't give you a real one then you get a virtual one! Way to go Ninja. Seriously many people including me fight to be able to do what you have done on your own! You own this now!

So I am around. Literally I am in North Carolina..bloggly speaking...Eblogger is driving me batty. It won't let me post all ways or it makes me log in over and over so I have been getting behind on all my peeps and what they are up too! But I am okay. Did a really cool workout yesterday and ended in a sauna treatment that was amazing. I'll blog about it soon. I still have the blues a bit. I am confused about babies. Weird but I just don't know when to start trying again and scared of the outcome...assuming you know my history with losing em. There you have it in a nutshell! Thanks for asking after me! :)

Jennifer said...

You look awesome Ninja! You have done such a great job with your weight loss, and did a mud run! Not too many people can say that.

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