Dirty Once Again

Saturday was the Muck Ruckus (which replaced the mud run) and I decided at the last minute to give my post baby body a break and do the 5k rather than 5 mile course. I don't regret that decision.

I had a partner this time around which made the event much more fun, and she's said that barring scheduling difficulties, she will be doing it again next year, (which made my day) and we've also both decided to do the 5 mile if it is an option next time.

The obstacles were safer, the route more scenic and event more appealing this year, in short I loved every minute of it. I only skipped one obstacle, and I failed one, but I at least attempted it, so I'm happy with that. My teammate is also interested in doing other events in the Saint Louis area, so I've found a running buddy, even if she is a way better runner than me, I better get my butt out there!

I'm also going to try again to have a bigger team next year, my little brother had to work last minute so could not be there and several others who sounded interested were unable to commit, I'm still hopeful about next year.

I came away from the Muck Ruckus with a few blisters and more than a few missing layers of skin in various places but most significantly on the middle finger of my right hand. My finger looks gross and I've been soaking it in peroxide about once a day to combat any weird noseeums I may have picked up in the trenches.

I've decided this event is going to kick off my summer of working out, getting out and toning my tush.

I'm going to level with you, Today I still weigh 185, and if I never lost another pound, I would not care. (truth) but I would like very much to tone up my tush, arms, back and tummy so weight loss is going to be a side effect of the efforts to accomplish that goal. So, back in saddle I go with walking, 30 day shred and hopefully some Zumba, Piyo and Drills thrown in for good measure. Operation Tone the Ninja is in effect as of today.

or maybe tomorrow, I'm still pretty sore

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You guys make cute kids !!!

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