Holy Blog Break Batman!


My life has been a mess of work, trying to run outside while living in Missouri in January (FYI; weather in January brought to you by Sick Jokes'R'Us ), Girl Scouts, Cooking and trying to manage my houseful of tiny humans.

Doodle bug has been crawling around like a mad man, pulling up on furniture and trying to be bigger than his 10 month age should allow.

Sunshine is super pumped that her birthday is coming and then she will be old enough to go to school after the summer.

Pumpkin does not want to go to school, but says she does all kinds of fun stuff there, not sure why she has a problem with it, but oh well.

I'm 30 now, had a birthday filled with awesomeness, beer and good food. I don't feel old, but then 30 is the new 20 right? (*shudder* you couldn't pay me to be 20 again) I got furniture and running shoes for my birthday and am still trying to train for the half marathon, hopefully I don't tank it. that would suck. I can however walk a 14.30 minute mile, so that's something.

I cancelled my gym membership because i have no way to work that into the work, baby schedule right now, but I am going to sign up on Friday for the conditional 10.00 a month membership to use the treadmills until the run in April.

Then who knows what will happen.

more news later, hope everyone out there is doing well and feeling happy.



Barbara said...

Nice!!! Happy Birthday.

Julie said...

It's hard to fit it all in, I sure do understand that. It's great your gym allows just the treadmill workouts.
They'll grow so don't hurry it along, soon they are college a long ways away and calling you all the time wishing you could fix this or that or asking for this or that. No complaints either cuz he still needs mom.
Have a blessed week. Take care!
P.S. Happy Birthday too!!

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