I feel like a Shel Silverstien Poem

The Mom who went crazy and ate the world.

Oh, dieting, why do you despise me so?

Two days on plan, and I'm feeling a little less than awesome today. I brought my lunch today (skinny soup), ate a cup of Greek yogurt with pineapple for breakfast and have had about half of my water already for the day because I want to shove chips and chocolate and gummi bears and cookies and cake and tacos and burgers and french fries and well, everything into my face.

I keep having these dreamlike mental images of myself as the semi-hot put together mom and then getting slapped with the cold camel-toed, muffin-topped, button-extended reality that I own 5 pairs of pants that fit. Know what happens when you throw away your fat pants?

You run out of pants!!

I remember the reason for this, I knew I would struggle with the weight after the baby and need some concrete reasons to be better about my food choices. Being basically broke and having no clothes that fit is a good reason.
Ick, I'm having a Despicable Me moment,

"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"

I'm going to go drink some tea and pretend it's rum...


Amanda said...

Yeah, I'm joining you in the tea drinking.

Speaking of rum I made hot buttered rum for Christmas. It was made of awesome. And fat. This tea is nothing like it :/ However, it's also likely that the hot buttered rum is part of the reason I now, personally, own TWO pairs of pants that fit. That's out of about 10 that I own. One pair of khakis, one pair of jeans. NEITHER that comfortably.

The rest of my pants are just too obscene to even be contemplated at the moment.

Julie said...

Me too, I know. Except I have 3 pairs of jeans that fit and 3 brand new ones Jim bought me for Christmas that are not comfortable....yet! Wishing it would be sooner then later but it is so very hard.
Keep going, you can do it. Take care and have a blessed day!

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