*weary sigh*

The last 24 hours have been awesome.

Last night I went to Walmart to have my battery replaced because I had purchased it less than a year ago and it was already going out on me. So I get it replaced with all three kids in tow and then I was headed to McDonald's for dinner and play time with Mutti and my Brother's kids. As I was pulling into the parking lot of McDonald's my car lost all power, it stopped going forward, the lights started flickering, a strange noise was being emitted from the engine and then it died.


So I was very fortunate that a young man was sitting in his car and helped me push the van into a parking spot. We opened the hood, to the dulcet tones of my infant screaming his head off and found that the battery had not been properly anchored in it's spot, so when i turned it slid over and the positive cable coming off the battery was being ground to a pulp by the belt that runs right next to it.

more awesome.

Luckily this kid had some tools, electrical tape and a bungee cord to get the thing jertle-flirted together so I could get home. This morning it wouldn't start again and I ended up being late to work and having to take the car back up to Walmart where the automotive manager said that she had to take some photos of the engine, pull some video (don't know what that's about) and then find out if they were going to handle it in house or if it had to be dealt with through the insurance company (theirs, not mine)

Anyway, we finally get home last night and in spite of the fact that I was in bed, I didn't get to sleep until well after 2AM because my little bundle of boy was having "uncomfortable time" and was up fussing and wanting to eat for hours. I ended up crying right along with him for part of the time, although I was a bit more quiet about it.

I'm so tired and stressed today that my left eye will not stop twitching.

I feel like a damned lunatic.


Anonymous said...

Well there is only one word to say about all that....awesome...lol.

Sarah G said...

Well ain't that a bucket load of bad luck. Hope today is a better day. ((hugs))

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