The First Day

Of the rest of my diet.

hehe, I thought that was rather inspired.

Anyway, there are no more chips, ice cream or cookies in my house and if I have my way (which lets face it, I do the shopping, so I usually do get my way) we will not be buying anymore. I'm going shopping this weekend with a list of meals and needed items and not straying from the list unless a new protein bar flavor tempts me. I have to continue eating 2200 calories, but I'm going to make sure they count. I've been keeping right around that number anyway, but the choices have not been awesome ones. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, you don't gain weight if you are eating what you burn but let me tell you, eating 2200 calories of good food does not result in constipation and general grossness. Eating 2200 calories with sour patch kids and reeces eggs, does.

ICK! Anyway, onward and upward. (or downward as it were)

Where did the time go? When I had Squirt in March, 5 weeks seemed forever, now I wonder where the time has gone, it's a little mind numbing. I sort of feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie, and later I'll discover that I've been transported to an alternate universe or something. Speaking of Sci-fi; is anyone else out there one tenth as excited for the Avengers movie as I am? for realz, I am going to have a spaz attack at the theater, I just know it.

So, I'll be back to Monday weigh ins and I'll be using the elliptical and neighborhood walks to get myself ready for the Muck-Ruckus on May 19th. I'm also planning to re-visit the fire-cracker run on the 4th on July and I'm going to find something to do in June as well. I need to add to my t-shirt collection and prove to myself that having my little man did not destroy the wanna-be runner in my heart.I also need to work on my core, cause the flab, dear god the flab. Esh, I need to find a cheap rowing machine on Craigslist and get my abs back in motion,stat.

Back, muffin top, Back "whoop-ish" <-- that's my whip noise...what?...I know, shut up.


safire said...

Good luck with the rest of your diet :)!

You are amazing juggling being a mother and still making time for yourself! It sounds like you have a great plan in place.

Have a wonderful weekend!

christina said...

I was right where you are a few months ago - our little one is 4 months old. I still struggle with missing pregnancy eating and really struggle with night time eating.

My core SUCKS big time... 2 c-sections do not make a flat stomach! Im doing Insanity right now - on week 2 and already feel stronger in my core. Its one hell of a workout.

As for running - I ran a marathon the week before I found out I was preggo and then didnt run again until post baby. At around 10 weeks I restarted the couch to 5K plan and now Im training for a half marathon - did 8 miles yesterday. Those first weeks of running I didnt think I would ever like running again... but it got so much better!

Good luck - love your blog!


Amanda said...

You are so on top of this -- well done! It took me almost thirteen years to lose the pregnancy weight from my first son. Although I guess when the child is staring at his upper lip attempting to will a mustache to grow, one can't really claim it as pregnancy weight anymore... LOL

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