Something's amiss

I have not gotten into bed before 1 am in over a week. Amazingly, this is not the fault of the tiny person now controlling my house, but a product of my own inability to get into bed. I stay up and fold laundry, watch TV and prowl on the computer.

So, I've decided to take some action here to save my sanity and from here on out I'm going to bed at 11pm, every night. I need to sleep more, I need to establish a routine for my kids and if I'm going to lose weight I need to make this a priority.

I'm on track today with fluid intake and food. It's nice being back at work, it's quiet here. I can listen to the radio, type things, file stuff, pee without company, and drink a diet soda without my daughters circling like vultures asking 7 million questions, "can i have a drink, i want to play outside, reaggie hit me, that's my game, i'm hungry, hannah wont play with me..."Ack!

Hopefully this week goes well, Jeeves reports that the munches are doing well and Squirt is taking the bottle with few problems. I'm planning on hitting the gym at least once this week and taking the munches out for a walk at least once as well. Walks seem to help them dispense of excess energy, which is a good thing.

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Laura Belle said...

Can we switch? because i've been getting too much sleep and it's killing me. i mean, it feels amazing, but i'm not getting my ass outta bed to run, and not running is killing me.
i'm so dramatic.

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