You are my Sunshine

4 years ago today I was unaware of how much sweeter my life was about to become. I didn't know that a dancing, singing, snorting little girl was on her way to bring sunshine into my life every day.
Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl!

Reagan Louise is now my middle child, but she spent so long as the "baby" that I doubt she'll ever have middle child syndrome. She loves to eat hot dogs, pop tarts, peanut butter and jelly (with strawberry jelly) and pancakes. She loves strawberry shortcake and the littlest pet shop, and loves to sleep with her "honey bear" (a crocheted bear) and "Annie" (a raggedy ann doll)

She loves to sing and talk and often will simply hum because silence is not an option for her. She is snuggly, even at four and often will grab a blanket and ask if she can come "snuggle wiff you"

She has boundless energy, unless she has been asked to pick up toys, and she loves to play outside; especially on swings which she recently mastered doing on her own.

She had a big birthday with friends and family on saturday and after waffling on a theme and games, we decided on a rainbow party with outside fun. She said it was the best birthday ever, so I guess it was a hit. 


Ana Lyman said...

Happy birthday Sunshine!! I hope it was a beautiful day for you and your mommy!

(My little Huck Finn saw these photos, pointed, and proudly announced, "BABY!")

Amanda said...

Awww... happy birthday to your Sunshine! Just as a side note, my Nicky (aka The Gum Zombie, age 9) still likes to come snuggle, so you may have years left where your girl is still wanting to snuggle :)

Hally Bell said...

I turn 26 today. Just so you know, I'm getting older and older, and I'll still snuggle with my mom and gram when they ask. lol

Julie said...

Happy birthday little one. I love this post N. Hope that all is great with you. Blessings!!

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