Pictures of a Dirty Girl <- that sounds naughty!

By a miracle of technology this post will go live the minute I begin my run this morning. 6.2 miles of running and mud filled obstacles are ahead of me and I'll be sporting this lovely get-up during the run.

I'd bitch about the mono-chromaticity (is that a word?) but by about 9:30 it will be covered in mud and it will no longer mater what color it is.

Yar! Matey

I was goofing off and trying to figure out what my victory pose was going to be when I'm under the finish line banner.

This is not it.

Face. Palm.

Post race and hose-off (Hello Fire Fighters!) I'll be noshing on Hardee's and having a well earned beer while sporting these awesome pants, inspired by juicy couture...well, sort of.


Kelly said...

Yay! Have fun on this rainy day in the mud! Can't wait to see the after pics!

Hally Bell said...

Wow, I stayed up til four and got up at 11, I guess you beat me in productivity today. Congrats girl. You're looking so lean.

Amanda said...

You look amazing! I hope you've had a blast, muddy though it may have been :D

Ana said...

You look friggin' adorable! Have a great run, and I can't wait to see the mud pictures. You will be deserving that beer, enjoy it :)

Amanda said...

Cute flipping butt!

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