Best Laid Plans

So this is the month where I typically begin working on Halloween and then Christmas stuff. this year is no exception, I have lots in the works, and hopefully I'll get better about posting my handiwork as I go along.

This week is going to be a rough one. Add the heat to the fact that I have to clean my house, organize my office and get my work in order before friday and you've got a recipe for a really frazzled lady, hopefully we'll keep cool and get it all done.

I've been teaching/guiding a production developed by the folks I work with and our big show is this Saturday and then I'll be going to the farm next weekend, so before I know it, the end of July will be knocking and then I've got to think about Pumpkin's birthday party this first weekend of August.

Pumpkin will be starting school at the end of the summer and I'm in a small amount of denial about it, if I don't think about it, it might not have to happen, right, right?



Well, more soon, including some cool family pics probably tomorrow if I get the CD from the photographer. 

Lookit the ears, ZOMG I wanna bite em.  

GAH!!! So cute!!!

Too Much attitude for 4


Carbie Girl said...

lol such adorable photos!! I am still in absolute shock that half of this year is already gone.. and then u mention halloween and christmas and now I'm on the precipice of anxiety. They will be here in NO time... man the arts and crafts battlestations :0) where did this year go? my goodness...

Julie said...

I need to figure out the Christmas goodness for this year. A college boy and 3 best friends, a hubby that doesn't need anything and parents....oh and gr. grandma.
Oh well, I'll get there.
Oh and from kindergarten to college is only .... well it seemed like only yesterday.
Take care and God Bless!!

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